The Ultimate Kos Road Trip Guide for anyone wanting to do their own greek road trip

The Ultimate Kos Road Trip Guide 2022

Greece is a dream Destination, there is no Argument there.

The Mix of good food, amazing weather and thought provoking History makes this any persons dream Destination. With so many beautiful Islands, Many travelers do not stay in one place for long.

kos Island has so many amazing sites no matter your stay

We can only describe ourselves as intense, high pace Travelers. So We decided to rent a car for 1 day in Kos, Greece to see what the Island had to offer!

There is so much to do in Kos no matter how long your stay is. Your plans within seconds can become full of amazing things to do on the Island.

So make sure you add Kos Island to your itinerary and use this Map and Guide for the Ultimate Kos Road Trip.

Kos Essentials For Your Trip

Island Hopping Around Kos And Other Greek Islands

There is no question that the Greek Islands are the ultimate Island Hopping destination. If you fancy a day trip away from Kos or simply want to visit the amazing Island of Kos on your Island Hopping Adventure, I recommend using Ferryscanner.

You can check ferry times, compare ticket prices and the best Islands to explore all in one place.

essential numbers and information guide for kos

How Many Days do you need in Kos?

To Explore the Island you Don’t need to rent a car for 7 days.

It does depend on how many places you plan to visit but we managed to visit all the top attractions in 1 day.

There are so many beautiful beaches to relax on all around kos island

This 1 day Road Trip did include lots of attractions and plenty of stops for food and a cheeky wine!

You can easily explore everything Kos has in 3 days, But the Ultimate Kos Road Trip can easily be done in 1 day.

This Greek Island is bliss and full of beaches to relax . So you won’t struggle to eat and drink your way around the Island if you wanted to spend longer!

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Kos?

Kos is super easy to drive around (which is unusual for Greece) as there is just one main road connecting the entire Island.

To drive the Length of this Island by car, it will take you around 1 hour.

How we did the Ultimate Kos Road Trip in 1 Day.

We turned up to the home of Hippocrates at night so couldn’t see much of what the Island had to offer.

So we checked in at the hotel and got speaking to the guy who was showing us to our room. Within 5 minutes he had his phone out and was showing us Photos of the places we needed to visit in Kos.

The next morning we went to the hotel reception and rented a car so we could explore all these amazing places.

Many other Roads Things to do Kos Map

Booking the car rental was so easy and stress free thanks to the wonderful people at the Hotel! We recommend having someone who can speak Greek to book this as it tends to go a lot smoother.

After the rental was booked ,we asked for any suggestions they had as locals (Locals always point out the best places to go that are often off the beaten track)!

How to Rent a Car in Kos

There are a Few ways to rent a car for a Kos Road Trip. Your options only really depend on when exactly you want your car.

🇬🇷 If you want your car straight from the Airport:

You are best looking online on comparison prices like SkyScanner Car comparison companies are really useful for budgeting and hitting the Island ready for Adventure!

🇬🇷 If you decide you want a Car during your trip:

You can have a look online but our best tip is to ask staff at your Hotel to arrange it for you. They speak the language so can negotiate the best deal and help you if there are any issues. Also it’s pretty hand the car being dropped off and picked up at the Hotel!

For emergency numbers, important information and more for your Kos trip, click below to get your free Guide ⬇️

essential numbers and information guide for kos

Your Ready to Use Kos Road Trip Map

We have put the best places to Visit and Park on the Google Map Above. This May not be the best order to see your stops so plan your route from your starting Point.

Our Top Kos Stops

  1. Kos Town
  2. Plane Tree of Hippocrates
  3. Asklepion Kos (Hippocrates Hospital)
  4. Traditional Windmill of Antimachia
  5. Ktima Akrani (Previously named Triantafyllopoulos Winery)
  6. Pyli
  7. Avli Restaurant
  8. Zia at Night

Kos Town

Is Kos Town Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Kos town has something for everyone! It is not only perfect for Couples with its endless numbers of restaurants and bars, but has everything for Families too!

We only stopped here for a few hours but you could easily spend days exploring its streets. We absolutely loved wandering down the Marina and taking in the amazing views. The town is the perfect combination of History, Culture, Good food and Amazing Wine.

Kos island has so much to see and do but if you rent a car you can see so much in just 1 day

If you are like one of us who hate driving into Cities, get ready to feel your stress levels go down.

The Parking was amazing and so were the roads in and out of the City!

This spot is a must on your Kos Island Adventure and if you are like us, you will not want to leave.

As you are already in Kos Town, why not go and see Spot Number 2? The Plane Tree of Hippocrates.

The Plane Tree Of Hippocrates

If you add Kos Town to your list of places to visit, you need to stop by here! This Landmark is great because it is not only open 24 hours a day but wasn’t busy at all.

You will find Hippocrates tree on the Platia Plantanou in the center of Kos Town.

The Tree of Hippocrates Kos Town, Greece
The Tree of Hippocrates Kos Town, Greece

This spot is where Hippocrates would sit and teach his pupils the art of Medicine (Pretty Cool Right?)

Asklepion Kos (Hippocrates Hospital)

As you are in the birth place of Hippocrates, you should probably stop by the ruins of Asklepion.

Ruins at Hippocrates Hospital, Kos

Walking through these ruins you truly feel like you are stepping through the pages of Greek History.

The ruins are of the ancient healing temple and medical school where Hippocrates practiced.

Hippocrates Hospital is one of the top things to do in Kos and a perfect day trip for all

The ruins are just beautiful and offer some amazing views of Kos. Again, we didn’t find the site super busy so we got some amazing photos! Around the site there are some Cafes so the perfect place to have a quick Coffee before your next stop.

Quick Tip: There isn’t Huge amounts of shade once you get to the ruin steps so make sure you Sun cream up!

The Traditional Windmill of Antimachia

If you can only visit one place, go here!

it was not only our top spot in Kos but one of our all time favorite places we have been.

This is the one stop you will need to make sure you visit on your Kos Road Trip!

The Traditional Windmill of Antimachia
The Traditional Windmill of Antimachia

Here you will explore the ‘Priests Mill’ which is over 250 years old and only 25 km away from Kos Town.

We parked across the road and were given a tour around the Windmill and shown how it worked.

The guides who work here are incredibly passionate which made the experience so much better.

Seeing how the Flour is still made at the Traditional Windmill Of Antimachia is a top thing to do on Kos Island

As they showed us how the Mill worked and even let us have a go ourselves we just loved Kos even more. The people who work here just made our trip.

They took so many photos of us so we wouldn’t forget out trip. And the best bit? we were given a selection of the breads and biscuits they made to sample.

We bought literally everything to bring home because it was that good. So even if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we promise you, it will be!

For everything you need to know for a trip to the Traditional Windmill of Antimachia, take a look at our Free Guide.

Ktima Akrani (Previously named) Triantafyllopoulos Winery

For all the Wine Lovers out there, this is where you need to be. We stumbled upon this Vineyard and we are soooo glad we did.

Wine Tasting at Triantafyllopoulos Vineyard Kos Island Greece
One of our Favorite wine tastings ever, Triantafyllopoulos Vineyard Kos Island Greece

We booked a tasting which was 14 Euros each and were told to explore until our tasting began.

Normally when you are told to explore you think they mean just go outside. But not here, you could literally wander anywhere. So we took a stroll through the Vines and then looked at the fermentation process.

If you are like us and are interested in wine this was just an amazing experience. Trying local wine is one thing but to be able to see the process was pretty spectacular.

strolling through the vineyards on kos island is the perfect activity and the best way to sample greek wine

So when it was time for our tasting we were lead outside to the seating area and just wow. There were no words.

The tasting was set to a view over the vineyard with boats sailing in the distance. Just the perfect setting.

The tasting involved around 7 local wines included White, Red and Rose. And we may be bias as we love wine but they were all incredible!

The guide was so experienced and could tell what everyone’s pallet was like straight away, pretty impressive right? The tasting also included some of the best bread sticks ever so make sure you try some!

Our top tip here is to go directly to the Vineyard to book your tasting. We saw it advertised in our hotel with a holiday rep and the trip was around £60. So not only will it cost your more but you will be on a tasting with 30 + plus people. Whereas our tasting only had 4 people.

For more incredible Wine spots around Europe, Check out our Blog ‘Need to UnWINEd? Try these unique European wine countries’


The Kos Locals Describe Pyli as a Fairy tale and they were not wrong!

The town is full of tavernas and cafes catering to locals, it really is the most charming Greek town.

But the highlight of this place is the medieval ruins and the sweeping views it offers of Kos. The Kos Byzantine castle of Pyli is definitely worth the walk.

The view from Pyli Ruins Kos, Greece

The views are incredible but make sure you wear suitable shoes as there is a lot of climbing and unsteady paths.

If you walk in the opposite direction to the castle you will find the most lovely taverna. Oria Taverna is a rustic Greek Taverna with the most amazing views. If you want a taste of Greece, make sure you stop here on your Kos Road Trip.

Not many tourists know that Oria Taverna is here and instead visit the Taverna in Pyli itself. However the Oria Taverna is definitely one of the ultimate off the beaten track experiences you can do in Kos.

Make sure you take a camera because the views are honestly incredible! Also the homemade lemonade here is seriousllyyyyyy good so make sure you order that too!

Many Other Roads at Pyli Kos
Pyli is the Ultimate drinks with a view spot!

Avli Restaurant

If you want to have a taste of Greece in the most beautiful and authentic place, visit here. Avli is based in Kardamena and offers in our opinion, the best food in Kos!

Avli Restaurant Kos Greece
Avli Restaurant Kos Greece

The food is amazing, the staff wonderful and the wine, just incredible. What made this place a Must visit for us was how unique it is.

You will truly feel like you are stepping back in time here.

The dishes are served in traditional clay plates and the building dates back to 1902. So if you want a taste of true Greece, this is the place for you!

Fresh Bread & Calamari at Avli Restaurant Kos
Make sure you try the Fresh Bread and Calamari here!

Our Top Tip for Avli Restaurant: You need to try the fresh cooked bread, it’s life changing! Also it can get pretty busy here so try and book before you go!

Want more tips on how to be the Ultimate foodie and eat your way around Europe for Less? Check out our blog ‘Foodies Guide to Europe on a shoe string’

Zia at Night

For all sunset lovers, Zia at night is a wonderful way to finish your day of exploring on a Kos Road Trip. The town of Zia is very laid back and oozes that Greek Feel.

Zia at Night is one of the most beautiful hilltop villages in greece and somewhere you need to stop on a Kos Road Trip

However when the sun is about to set you will not be able to find a spot around the viewing point as it is that busy.

We thought we would try and view the sun setting from a Restaurant but they were all full at this time too.

So if this is something you want to do, plan well ahead!

zia is a great place to end your kos road trip

As pretty as the Sun set view was, it wasn’t as great as it was hyped up to be.

We are unlike most guides as we would say go to Zia to stroll through its cobbled streets, explore the local produce and have a glass of wine. Zia has so much more beauty than just a Sun set.

🇬🇷Kos Road Trip Sign off : Kos Island is an amazing place to explore even if its just for one day. Use this guide to plan the most magical Kos Road trip that will make you fall head over heels with Greece.

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