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The Best EasyJet Cabin Bag For Your Next Flight 2022

Are you looking for the best easyJet Cabin Bag for your next trip? Well You have come to the right place!

Trying to fit everything you may need for your trip into a small case is a challenge in itself. Never mind making sure your luggage is within the easyJet rules and regulations.

EasyJet is a great budget Airline that makes exploring Europe super easy. But with it being a budget airline, they are pretty switched on with what luggage you are bringing with you. So to avoid extra charges and Hand Luggage you can barely fit anything in, finding the right bag is pretty important.

This guide reviews the best easyJet Cabin bags and Hand Luggage for all budgets and needs. It also answers the most commonly asked questions to help you find the perfect cabin bag for your next trip.

The Overall Best EasyJet Cabin Bag If You Are Flying From The UK

When looking for a cabin bag, there are so many great options to choose from for your next flight. But there is one that outshines the rest. The Cabin Max Anode Carry on Suitcase is the best easyJet cabin bag option for so many reasons.

Many of the Cabin Bags you can buy say that they fit within the easyJet size rules. But when you look closer, it actually doesn’t qualify under the free Hand Luggage policy and you would have to pay extra. However, the total size of The Cabin Max Anode Carry on Suitcase fits perfectly under their free allowance (45x36x20cm).

Another reason that this cabin bag is so popular with easyJet flyers is that the hardshell material makes it super durable. Not only will it last trip after trip but is great value for money.


✔️ 4 x 360 degree wheels for easy transport

✔️ Fits easily under the seat of any easyJet flight

✔️ Comes in a variety of colours for easy spotting

✔️ Sturdy but lightweight

✔️ Spacious Cabin Bag with Internal packing straps, zipped divider and zipped pocket


❌ The Size of the case is ok with other Airlines. But Ryanair may not allow you to use it as a free personal bag as it has wheels.

The Overall Best EasyJet Cabin Bag If You Are Flying From Europe And Beyond

The best EasyJet Cabin Bag is one that you can use with multiple Airlines. With some destinations, you could be flying with 2-3 different airlines before you get there, so you need a bag that works with them all.

There are so many options out there but there is one that stands above the rest, the Cabin Max Manhattan.

If you are looking for a bag that is durable, incredible value for money and is surprisingly spacious, look no further than this bag!


✔️ Complies with all major airline hand luggage policies including Ryanair

✔️ Really spacious for a cabin bag

✔️ Includes 3 Year warranty

✔️ Organiser pocket and a front quick access pocket so you can grab your travel documents quickly

✔️ Handsfree so makes travelling less stressful


❌  Can become uncomfortable over a long time of carrying if you over pack

How to choose the best hand luggage for you

Well this does completely come down to your personal preference. But here are a few pointers to help you buy the perfect cabin bag:

➡️ If you want something that is easy to move around and easy to organise, a carry on suitcase may be your best option.

➡️ If you are planning on travelling from place to place, the best easyJet cabin bag is a backpack.

➡️ Is easyJet your favourite Airline to fly with? If yes, great! If you use a lot of different Airlines, just double check the size of your cabin bag fits in with their regulations too.

➡️ For a quality, long lasting and durable cabin bag, You will be looking to pay on average £30-£60.

What size is a cabin bag for easyJet?

Every passenger can bring on one small cabin bag. The size of this bag has to be45x36x20cm (including any handles and wheels).

best easyJet cabin bags

The small cabin bag for your easyJet flight also needs to fit under the seat in front of you and is to be no more than 15kg. This bag size is great for a long weekend but if you need to have a bigger cabin bag, you have a few options:

✔️ Select an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat

✔️ Book a large cabin bag for your flight at an extra charge

✔️ Book a Flexi Fare if you are an easyJet plus cardholder

How big is a 45x36x20cm bag?

It’s hard to picture how big this cabin bag size is when it is written in measurements.

A bag this size is designed to fit under the seat in front of you on an easyJet flight with ease. One of the best easyJet cabin bag companies is Cabin Max. They have a variety of different backpacks and suitcases that 100% comply with budget airline policies for Hand Luggage, including easyJet and Ryanair.

Buying a Cabin Bag that is tailored to these hand luggage policies will not only avoid extra charges but make flying so much easier.

Best EasyJet Cabin Bag: Backpack

If you are looking for a Backpack to take on your flight that is lightweight, great value for money and is the perfect under seat size, look no further than the Cabin Max Metz 30L

This backpack will fit everything you need for a trip and comply with with the easyJet cabin bag requirements. It’s also super comfy to travel with over long distances due to it’s padding and adjustable straps. The Cabin Max Metz also comes in a variety of unique colours, making it easy to spot.

A Cabin Max Backpack is one of the best backpacks to take on an easyJet flight.


✔️ Complies with all major airline hand luggage policies apart from Wizz Air and Ryanair

✔️ 3 Year warranty included

✔️ Organiser pocket and a front quick access pocket so you can grab your travel documents quickly

✔️ Loads of Room to make packing for longer trips super easy

✔️ Amazing quality for the price

✔️ Hands Free so great if you are travelling with Kids


❌ Shoulder Straps are not the thickest

❌ Material is really lightweight

❌ Too big to be used as a Free Cabin Bag on Ryanair and Wizz Air Flights

The Best EasyJet Cabin Bag If You Are On A Budget

Everyone loves a bargain! And if you are looking for something that is high quality, lightweight and water resistant, look no further than the WANDF Foldable Travel Duffel Bag.

This Cabin Bag is a true bargain and does the job perfectly. It’s foldable, complies with all airline baggage rules and you can fit a lot in this 25L Duffel Bag.


✔️ Can be used as a free cabin bag on all major Air lines (including Ryanair)

✔️ A total bargain

✔️ Comes with 1 Year warranty and great customer service if you have any issues

✔️ Back pocket can slide over luggage handle if you are taking another case for your trip

✔️ Waterproof material protects from spills and if you get caught in rain on your travels

✔️ Bag folds away for easy storage

✔️ Range of different colours so you can find one you love and that stands out if you lose it


❌ The Lightweight material may come under strain and possible tear if under heavy weight

❌  Not always easy to get into fold away pocket

The Best EasyJet Cabin Bag That You Can Use On All Major Airlines (including Ryanair)

If you use lots of different budget Airlines for your trips, you are probably looking for a super reliable bag that you can use on all major Airlines.

Ryanair is usually the only Airline most hand luggage bags don’t comply with, but the Cabin Max Metz 20L can be taken on every Major Airline for free!

This budget friendly backpack is great for short trips. However, if you are a very talented packer or travel light, you could easily make this backpack last longer.


✔️  Can be used on all Major Airlines as Free Hand Luggage

✔️  Amazing Quality and Value for Money

✔️  Budget Friendly

✔️  Can fit a lot in- is a lot bigger than it looks!


❌ Really Lightweight material. It’s great for Air travel and long weekends but maybe not Adventure Travel.

The Best Easyjet Large Cabin Bag

If you are looking to take a large cabin bag on your Easyjet flight, you have two options. You can either get the larger hand luggage option of 56 x 45 x 25 cm by booking an extra legroom seat or pay to upgrade your bag size.

There are plenty of large cabin bag options out there. But if you want the best Easyjet large cabin bag, The Flight Knight Lightweight Case is the perfect option!

Sturdy, durable and super easy to move. This case is a favourite with many travellers thanks to it’s value for money.


✔️ Really lightweight

✔️ Super sturdy and durable

✔️ Can be used with lots of different airlines

✔️ Wheels have super smooth movement


❌ Lock isn’t the best quality

EasyJet Cabin Bag And Hand Luggage Rules 2022

Rules often change about what you can bring onboard your next flight. Here are the must know easyJet Cabin Bag and Hand Luggage Rules 2022 for your next trip.

easyJet rules for cabin baggage

What’s the main change in the new cabin bag policy? More passengers can opt in to bring a large cabin bag when they fly without booking an extra leg room seat or book upfront.

You can only book one large cabin bag per person.

Everyone is allowed 1 small cabin bag, if you want to bring a larger bag, you need to have the correct seat selection or have paid before your trip.

Check your luggage fits. This has caught a few people out, if your Cabin Bag doesn’t fit within the maximum size (45 x 36 x 20cm) you may be charged at the gate. There are places by the easyJet check- in desks at the airport to double check your case size.

EasyJet Cabin Bag FAQs And Other Helpful Tips

Are easyJet strict with cabin bags?

Honestly, it depends what Airport you are flying from. But overall, they are pretty strict.If you have a cabin bag and you are carrying an extra bag like a handbag, they will often make you put it inside your cabin bag to make sure it fits.

Even if you have to push, squeeze or sit on your case, make sure your handbag or extra bag fits! a few times I have seen people charged extra for their handbag if it doesn’t fit in their Cabin Bag.

Tip: If you want to save money, you can actually just pay for a large bag one way. This is a great choice if you want to bring loads of gifts back from your trip.

What can you take in hand luggage on easyJet?

To help you pack your easyJet cabin bag, here are the key things that you should know:

What can you take in hand luggage on easyJet?

➡️ Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers of 100ml or less (this doesn’t apply to baby food). The Max amount you can carry through security is 1,000ml.

➡️ Food and Drink: Food and drink is allowed to be brought onto the Aircraft. If you are planning on bringing Alcohol on your flight it must be bought in the airport departure lounge, unopened and less than 70% abv.

➡️ Sharp objects are banned apart from a few exemptions . You can bring tweezers, scissors with rounded edges and razors with a plastic cover on.

➡️ You can’t smoke on any aircraft but you can take cigarettes in your cabin bag. Lighters can also be taken on board but it must be stored in your pocket, not cabin bag.

For more information on what you can pack in your easyJet cabin bag, I recommend looking at the easyJet baggage guide.

Other Airline baggage allowance dimensions

The best easyJet cabin bag should be perfect to use with most Airlines. But to make sure your case is within the Airlines cabin bag allowance, here are the dimensions of the most popular Airlines used to explore Europe.

Airline Baggage Allowances

The best easyJet cabin bag Sign Off: Trying to find the perfect cabin bag can be really tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Whichever option you pick, you will be ready to have a cheap and stress free easyJet flight.

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