The Best Cabin Baggage For Ryanair Flights

The Best Cabin Baggage For Ryanair Flights 2022

Trying to find the best cabin baggage for Ryanair flights? This ultimate guide has got you covered!

Everyone loves a bargain when it comes to getting a cheap flight. And with Ryanair always having some of the cheapest flights around, they are a great airline to explore Europe with. However, as they are a budget airline, this means they are pretty switched on with what you are bringing on your flight.

So to avoid any extra charges at the airport or using cabin baggage that doesn’t fit anything in, finding the right back is pretty important. If you are looking for a spacious bag that fits under your seat, We recommend the Cabin Max Cabin Bag.

This guide reviews the best cabin baggage for Ryanair flights for all budgets and needs. It also answers the most commonly asked questions to help you find the perfect cabin bag for your next trip.

The Overall Best Cabin Baggage For Ryanair

Ryainair is one of the hardest budget airlines to buy cabin baggage for. There are so many options out there, however, there is one cabin baggage for Ryanair that stands above the rest. The Cabin Max Metz 20L Ryanair Cabin Bag is the perfect cabin baggage for Ryanair flights for so many reasons.

Many cabin bags for Ryanair flights claim to be made with the baggage regulations in mind. However, when you arrive at the gate, you are charged extra because your case is too big. You can be charged a whopping fee of €/£ 69.99 for this (and no one wants that!). To avoid this, it is so important to get any cabin baggage for ryainair that without question, is in line with their baggage rules.

This is why Cabin Max is always recommended to Ryanair lovers. In a nutshell, the Cabin Max is so popular because it’s fantastic quality, amazing value for money and fits perfectly under your seat (so no extra charges!).


✔️Amazing quality and comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty

✔️Spacious yet fits perfectly under your Ryanair seat for free

✔️ Can fit 4-5 days worth of clothes in- more if you are a good packer

✔️ Hands Free so great if you are travelling with Kids

✔️ Amazing quality for the price


❌ Doesn’t easily sit on top of luggage handles

❌ Straps are not the thickest

Are cabin bags free on Ryanair?

The basic answer is yes, you are allowed to take one personal bag on for free. But if you want to take bigger or more cabin baggage for Ryanair flights, there may be some charges.

If you are a priority passenger you are allowed one small bag and a larger cabin bag that can have wheels. These bags must not be more than 10 Kg. But if you are a non-priority passenger, you are only allowed one personal bag.

This Cabin Max Bag is the perfect free cabin baggage for Ryanair flights, Check out Prices and Reviews on Amazon Here.

When you are a non-priority passenger then you are limited to one small bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) that fits under your seat. If you need more cabin baggage for your Ryanair flight, you can either upgrade to priority or pay for more baggage.

Your trip may be exploring Europe for more than a few days. If this is the case, it may be worth booking hold luggage. You can worry a lot less about trying to fit everything in your cabin baggage.

What is the Ryanair Cabin Baggage Size?

If you need to know the sizes for free cabin baggage for Ryanair or any other budget airline, take a look at the guide below. However, if you are a priority customer, you can take extra cabin baggage for your Ryanair flights for no extra charge.

Priority Cabin Baggage Size for Ryanair– A small personal bag (40x20x25cm) and 10kg wheelie bag (55x40x20cm)

Non-Priority Cabin Baggage Size For RyanairA small personal bag (40x20x25cm) that fits in the seat in front of you.

Airline Baggage Allowances

For more information on cabin baggage sizes for Ryanair flights, take a look at the airlines policies and guide here.

The best cabin baggage for Ryanair on a budget

There are so many companies out there that claim their budget baggage is fantastic quality and is within the Ryanair cabin baggage rules. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes you are left disappointed. But there is one bag that is the perfect budget cabin baggage for Ryanair, the Slimbridge Cabin Bag.

This is extremely popular cabin baggage for Ryanair flights because it’s great for any budget, lightweight and fits perfectly under the seat in front of you. This small yet surprisingly spacious cabin bag is the perfect way to take all your essentials on your next flight.


✔️ Lightweight and easy to store

✔️ Great value for money

✔️ Surprisingly spacious for the size

✔️ Cabin Size approved with all major airlines


❌ Zip struggles when bag is overfilled

❌ May not be big enough for a long trip

❌ Straps may become uncomfortable if bag becomes really heavy

The best cabin baggage for Ryanair: Backpack

A Backpack is the perfect cabin baggage for Ryanair flights and long weekend trips.

They are a lot easier to force them few extra items of clothing in and there are waaay more options available for Ryanair approved sizes. If you are looking for cabin baggage for Ryanair that is great quality, comfortable and has lots of room, you need the Cabin Max Manhattan.


✔️ Can fit a lot in the bag- If you are a clever packer, even up to a week

✔️ Suitable for all major airlines

✔️ Sturdy, Comfortable and Spacious

✔️ Incredible value for money

✔️ 3 year manufacturing warranty


❌ Bag becomes uncomfortable and harder to put into bag sizer at the Airport if you over pack

The Best Cabin Baggage For Ryanair Priority & 2 Cabin Bags

To get more luggage on your flight and to beat the queues, Ryanair priority is the best way to do this.

Your cabin baggage for Ryanair priority not only includes the free personal bag but a larger bag, that can have wheels. There are so many great options out there, but the one that is most recommended by travellers is the Aerolite Hard Shell Ryanair Priority Cabin Bag.

This is one of the most popular cabin baggage options for Ryanair Priority flyers because it’s durable, easy to transport and fits perfectly under all major airline cabin bag rules.


✔️ Excellent robust suitcase

✔️  Plenty of compartments inside with zips to hold things in place

✔️ Strong, Durable Wheels and Handle

✔️ Amazing value for money

✔️ 5 year manufacturing warranty

✔️ Can be used on all major Airlines as cabin baggage (apart from non-priority Ryanair)


❌ Lock provided isn’t the best quality

Cabin baggage for Ryanair FAQs and other tips

I’m sure you have a few more cabin baggage for Ryanair questions before your flight. So to help you get the answer you need quickly, we have put all the frequently asked questions in one place.

What if the Ryanair cabin baggage allowance is too small?

Ryanair is one of the strictest budget airlines when it comes to cabin baggage. When you don’t have the right bag or need to take a few more outfits, it is super easy for the cabin baggage allowance to become too small. If this is the case for your next Ryanair flight, there are a few things you can do.

cabin baggage for ryanair baggage too small

If the cabin baggage for Ryanair is too small by a tiny bit, try the old travellers trick and wear your thickest clothes on your flight to save room.

But if you need a lot more space, you can add priority for between €/£8 to €/£32 up to 40 minutes before your flight departs. Just so you know, this is non refundable and can’t be switched between passengers. For more information on how to become a priority passenger, I recommend clicking here.

Sometimes your cabin baggage for Ryanair simply isn’t enough, so you may need to check in a bag. There are lots of options and you can add this up to 40 minutes before your flight, but the closer you leave it, the more expensive it can be. Find out more about adding a Check-in Bag Here.

Tip: Don’t risk trying to sneak bigger cabin baggage for your Ryanair flight, you will get charged a fortune at the gate.

Ryanair how to add baggage after booking and what’s the cost

You can add more cabin baggage for Ryanair flights up to 40 minutes on the app before your flight is due to leave. However, it does become more expensive the longer you leave it.

cabin baggage for ryanair extra baggage

The best way to add more cabin baggage for your Ryanair flight is via the app. Simply sign into your Active trip, scroll down to your trip extras. Click “Add to Trip” and follow the steps.

If priority is sold out for your flight, you can purchase the 10 Kg Check-In Bag.

The Price for adding these extras is usually between €/£8 to €/£32. The priority passenger option works out a tiny bit cheaper than the 10 Kg Check-in Bag option.

The same rules apply for a Check-In Bag. It is more expensive to purchase a 20 Kg bag for your flight than the 10 Kg. The cheapest way to add any Check-In baggage is via the “Manage my booking” section in the trip extras. It is a lot more expensive to purchase baggage at the airport or by the call centre. So use the APP if you can.

Are you allowed a handbag and hand luggage on Ryanair?

Unfortunately, no.

It is a pain. Especially as a lot of the time your handbag will have all your important travel documents in it. But you can squeeze your handbag into your cabin baggage for your Ryanair flight to make sure you aren’t charged extra.

Can I bring extra items on board?

Unless it fits in your cabin baggage allowance for your Ryanair ticket, you can’t. However there are exceptions for medical equipment or if you are travelling with a child.

Cabin Baggage for Ryanair

If you have any medical equipment, this can come onboard free of charge as well as your personal cabin baggage allowance.

When you are travelling with a child, You can bring 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child. If you are travelling with a baby (8 days- 23 months) you are allowed one 5 Kg bag (45x 35 x 20cms). To qualify for this cabin baggage for your Ryanair flight, the child needs to be travelling on an adults lap.

Can I take a 10kg bag on Ryanair for free?

To be able to take 10 Kg Cabin baggage on your Ryanair flight for free, you need to be a priority customer. If you want to take a 10 Kg bag on your flight, you will either need to purchase the priority option on the app or the 10Kg Check-in bag.

The best cabin baggage for Ryanair sign off: There are so many options for cabin baggage for Ryanair, it can be hard to find one thats great for you. Use this guide to make sure not only is the bag perfect for you, but it is also allowed on your Ryanair flight for free to avoid them extra charges!

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