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The Best Wizz Air Cabin Bag For Your Next Flight 2022

Looking for the best Wizz Air cabin bag for your next trip? This guide has got you covered

Trying to fit everything you may need into your Cabin Bag is hard enough. Never mind worrying about if it passes the Wizz Air cabin bag rules and regulations.

Wizz Air are a fantastic way of exploring Europe on a budget. However with them being a budget airline, there comes a price. They are pretty hot on what baggage you bring onboard. To avoid under packing or having a huge charge at the airport, finding the right Wizz Air cabin bag is pretty important.

This guide reviews the best Wizz Air cabin bags and hand luggage options for all budgets and needs. It also includes everything you need to know about Wizz Air hand luggage and any other frequently asked questions.

The Overall Best Wizz Air Cabin Bag

There are so many Wizz Air Cabin Bag options available, it can be hard to pick. However, there is one Wizz Air Cabin Bag that stands above the rest, The Cabin Max Manhattan.

Durable, budget friendly and incredibly spacious, these are just a few reasons why this Wizz Air Cabin Bag is so popular with travellers and frequent flyers.


✔️Amazing quality and comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty

✔️Can be used on all major airlines as cabin baggage

✔️Spacious yet fits perfectly under your Wizz Air seat for free

✔️ Can fit items needed for a 5 day trip

✔️ Hands Free so great if you are travelling with Kids or Pets

✔️ Incredible quality for the price


❌ Can become uncomfortable to carry if bag is overfilled

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What Size Bag Is Allowed In The Cabin?

Every passenger is allowed to bring one bag that is 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm for free. Like most airlines, your Wizz Air Cabin Bag needs to fit under the seat in front of you and have no wheels. When flying with Wizz Air, you will be charged at least 25 EURO at the gate if your bag exceeds their cabin bag limits.

If you think your Wizz Air Cabin Bag is not big enough for your trip, you can upgrade to priority. With Wizz Air Priority you can bring 2 cabin bags on your Wizz flight. One bag must fit under your seat, the other must fit in the overhead compartment. You can also add a check-in bag if you need to take more on your trip.

wizz air cabin bag size

The best Wizz Air Cabin Bag should be perfect to use on any other airline. To make sure your Wizz Air Cabin Bag is within most airlines baggage regulations, use the guide below.

Airline Baggage Allowances

The Best Wizz Air Cabin Bag If You Are On A Budget

If you are looking for a Wizz Air Cabin Bag that isn’t overly expensive and you can use on every airline, you need the Kono Holdall Cabin Bag.

The Kono cabin bag is fantastic quality, surprisingly spacious and a great option for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune.


✔️ Can be used as a Cabin Bag with all major airlines, including Ryanair

✔️ Travels well over the shoulders or on top of the suitcase

✔️ Lightweight and durable.

✔️ Fantastic value for money


❌ May not be big enough if you are an over packer

The Best Wizz Air Cabin Bag For Priority

The great thing about Wizz Air priority is you are allowed a bag with wheels. This makes travelling a tiny bit more easier and gives you more options for cabin bags. If you are looking for the ultimate Wizz Air Cabin Bag, look no further than the Cabin Max Manhattan Hybrid.

What makes this Wiz Air Cabin Bag the best is that is transforms from a backpack to a trolley bag with ease. It also fits under the seat in front of you and is super spacious.


✔️ 3 Year Cabin Max Manufacturers Warranty

✔️ Wheel cover protects your back from the wheels

✔️ Can be used for a week trip if you are a good packer

✔️ Durable and brilliant quality

✔️ Really comfortable as a backpack


❌ Can’t be used on a Ryanair flight unless you are priority

❌ Not the cheapest Wizz Air Cabin Bag on the market (but many flyers say it is worth the price tag)

Wizz Air Cabin Bag And Hand Luggage Rules

Making sure your Wizz Air Cabin Bag is packed with the Wizz Air hand luggage rules in mind is pretty important. No one wants to be fined or made to leave any items at the airport.

To make packing your Wizz Air Cabin Bag easier, here are the key Wizz Air Cabin bag and hand luggage rules.

➡️ Every passenger is allowed one free carry on bag (max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10 kg).

➡️ If you want to take a bigger carry on bag (with or without wheels), you can do this via Wizz Air Priority.

➡️ You can buy extra baggage up to 3 hours before your flight. Try to avoid doing this at the airport as it’s cheaper online.

➡️ Like most airlines, any liquids bought on board that aren’t purchased from duty free have to be a maximum volume of 100ml.

Wizz Air Cabin Bag FAQs And Other Tips

Is Wizz Air strict with hand luggage?

Like all budget Airlines, they have to get their money from somewhere. So Wizz Air are pretty strict with what you bring on your flight. Make sure your Wizz Air cabin bag is within their size regulations so you don’t get hit with a big charge.

Is a handbag included in cabin luggage?

Wizz Air allows you to take on board one bag if you are not a Wizz Air priority passenger. So if you want to take a handbag too, make sure it can fit in your main cabin bag to avoid being charged extra. If you are a Wizz Air priority passenger, you are allowed to take 2 cabin bags so this will cover your hand bag.

Wizz Air cabin bag sign off: Finding and Packing a bag for any budget airline can be pretty stressful. Use this guide to find the perfect Wizz Air cabin bag for your next flight so you can hit the ground running on your next trip!

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