About Us

Shwmae 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿!

Welcome to Many Other Roads! We are high paced, last minute, sometimes chaotic travelers with one goal, to see everything!

With a mortgage and a doggo it can often be tricky to get that wanderlust feeling.

Fortunately with our way of traveling ,we manage to bleed a place dry with no stone left unturned.

From beautiful country landscapes to bustling skylines we’ve done it all.

How do we do this? by creating the most amazing Road Trips!

We have spent over 6 years exploring Europe by Road, crossing off 52% of it.

By exploring Europe’s Ultimate Road Trips, We have become the European Road Trip Experts!

Snowdon Pyg trail, Wales, UK.

We met at Aberystwyth University, Wales in 2015.

Sometimes likewise individuals find each other but for us it was not the case.

We really are that cliche of yin and yang.

One of us can only be described as a Labrador being told he’s going to the beach, just full of excitement to be outside. The other, gets her enjoyment from Hygge and a good book.

Despite these differences we have one thing we both love completely (apart from our border collie), seeing the world.

Many Other Roads in a Nut Shell

For us life is all about finding that perfect glass of wine and relaxing.

Then when it comes to adventure, creating unforgettable experience that don’t break the bank.

We have learnt a lot on the way so wanted to share our tips and tricks with fellow travelers! So this is why did we decide to set up Many Other Roads.

Many Other Roads being Created in the Sand, Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Why do we blog?

✨To share the Best Road trips Europe has to offer

✨We want to help those who have full time careers and bills to pay see the world and not worry about spending a fortune.

✨To Tell our stories so everyone can avoid making the same mistakes as we have on a trip (Yup, we do usually forget half the essentials we need).

✨Highlight things that can make Road Trips so much easier and stress free. This is sooooo important to us because day to day life is already pretty stressful, right?

✨And most importantly, to show travelers the best places for a cheeky wine and beer!

Follow us on our Journey as we share our highs, lows and best tips for the ultimate traveling experiences.