7 simple ways to relax when driving

7 Simple ways to relax when driving

Need some help to relax when driving? We’ve got you covered! Use this guide to totally relax when on the road

Driving can be pretty stressful. It is one of them tasks that many can’t avoid, even if you find it an incredibly stressful experience.

From rush hour traffic to unknown destinations, it can be hard to relax when driving. Use this ultimate guide full of simple tips you can do straight away to feel more relaxed when driving.

1. Wear your Comfiest Clothes

With any type of traveling, wearing your Comfiest clothes will help you achieve total relaxation.

If you think about it, when you are at home and want to relax what do you wear? Usually something loose fitting, right?

If you wear something that isn’t too tight or restricting when you drive, this will help you body zen down and relax completely when driving.

Jumper to relax when driving

But you are probably thinking, I can’t turn up at work(or anywhere else) in my Comfy clothes.

So my number one tip is to arrive at your destination 5 minutes early and just get changed there.

I have done this a number of times and it makes the Journey so much less stressful and helps me totally relax when driving.

What Clothes will help me relax when driving?

The Staple item for relaxing when driving is an over-sized Jumper.

They are such a simple way of getting your body to feel comfy and less restricted. They are also ideal for every situation from Road Trip to Dog Walks.

As for other items, just go by that golden rule of nothing restricting. Jeans aren’t a great option if you want to relax when driving as they don’t offer the best movement.

This goes for shoes too, driving in trainers will help your feet have the best support, no matter the journey length!

Wearing clothes that offer comfort and support is a simple way to help you relax when driving straight away.

2. Take the Scenic Route

Everyone wants to arrive at their destination ASAP.

However, this usually means driving much busier routes. With traffic jams and congested roads to tackle, this can shoot up your stress levels.

So sit back, relax and take the scenic route instead!

driving the scenic route will help you relax when driving

Driving the slightly longer route may take you longer but is such a simple way to make your drive less stressful.

The route being quieter will get you to relax and enjoy the drive. And the best bit about these routes, the views are usually Mother Nature at her best.

This is the best way without a doubt to relax when driving

3. Get in the Ultimate Calm zone

Creating your ultimate calm zone is the best way to relax when driving, where ever you are.

This simple hack will have you turning your car into the ultimate spa environment (without the candles and Prosecco) for the most relaxing drive.

Quick Ways to Create your Driving Calm Zone to relax when driving

Lavender up: Lavender is a must for anyone who wants to relax when driving. There are some really quick and incredibly cheap ways you can use it on your drive.

⭐️Lavender Calm Balm: This is one of the best things out there to get your body to relax. You add a small amount of the product to your writs and temples and you are ready to go! And the best bit is that it kicks in instantly.

⭐️Lavender Spray: Adding a few sprays of this to your Car Head Rest is the ultimate way to create your driving calm zone in seconds.

These sprays are mainly used for helping you to sleep but don’t worry it won’t have you falling asleep at the wheel! It will just make you feel way more calm for your drive.

Here are a few other quick ways to help you relax when Driving:

Hot Drinks are Key: Before you start your journey, have a hot drink. This simple trick will have you feeling totally relaxed and ready to start your journey.

Clean up: Making sure your car is clean will make you feel much more relaxed when driving.

A clean car means less distractions and a much safer drive. It doesn’t need to be spotless, but quickly remove any rubbish before you go. This simple trick will help you totally relax when driving.

Rescue Remedy: This product is awesome for anyone who wants to instantly relax when driving. It basically creates a calm feeling and helps fight against major stress.

You can find Rescue Remedy in lots of different forms but one of the most effective is the drops.

All you have to do is put a few drops under your tongue and you are ready to go.

This product is also recommended by a number of driving instructors so is a proven way to relax when driving.

4. Get a relaxing Air Freshener

Just like lighting a candle, A calming scent can transform you into a relaxed state.

This will not only make your car smell amazing but create a relaxing space for you to drive in.

Scents like Fresh Linen are very popular because they are a strong scent, but not too overwhelming (Perfect if you get travel/ motion Sickness).

If you suffer from travel/ motion sickness, this guide will help you cure it completely!

Renting a Car in Lithuania will allow you to see and explore so so much. To Rent a Car in Lithuania is pretty easy too (Bonus)

You can even buy Yankee candle scents for Air fresheners, so is literally like having your favorite candle in your car!

5. Go Old School, drop the Sat Nav

Sat Nav systems are a great way to help you find your way.

But they can be such hard work!

There have been so many stories of Sat Navs leading people on endless Journeys, down one way streets or even into Lakes (Yikes).

When you are trying to concentrate on driving ,the last thing you need is technology shouting incorrect directions or sending you on a Goose Chase.

So try going old School to relax when driving.

Stop Sign

Before your Journey try and plan it out on Google Maps. This way you will be able to see how easy the route is and if you can skip the Sat Nav for a day.

How great will it be to not have your favorite song ruined by the Sat Nav?

Tip : If you know your route fairly well, just follow the road signs. They will lead you in the right direction and take all the stress of checking maps and listing for your next direction.

6. Listen to something Chill

Did you know Music can drastically impact your driving experience?

Music with lyrics, that is louder and is unfamiliar to you can be a distraction.

So make yourself a chill out playlist to help you relax when you are driving. This simple trick will transform your journey into a relaxing, Stress Free Zone!

Mix tape to relax when driving

You can find more information on Music and Driving by Clicking Here.

7. Travel at Off-Peak Times

This is the best tip which will allow you to relax when driving, and its completely Free!

Peak travel times are usually when people go to and leave work.

So if you can, travel between 10am-14:00PM and after 18:00pm.

During these times, there is a lot less traffic on the roads so will help you feel totally relaxed when driving.

Clocks for ways to relax when driving

7 Simple Ways to relax when driving Sign off: Driving is one of life’s hardest tasks for some, especially in a new destination. Use this guide to plan your trip or road trip route and make it the most relaxing time possible.

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