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What To Wear In Europe: The Guide For All Seasons

Trying to figure out what to wear in Europe for your next trip? This complete guide has you covered!

Europe is one of the most amazing places on the planet. With it being such a diverse place of cultures, languages and landscapes, you will always want more. However, like most trips, you will want to know what to wear, especially if you want to blend in.

Knowing what to wear in Europe is a great way to not look like a tourist. This will not only help you blend in during your trip and be really comfortable, but will help you save money by not being treated or seen as a tourist.

This guide looks at the best things to wear in Europe for all seasons and what you should not wear when on a trip to Europe. Also included are the frequently asked questions so all your queries for dressing and packing for Europe are answered.

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An Overview of what to wear in Europe

When you are considering what to wear in Europe, there are a few things you should keep in mind. No matter what time of year you visit Europe, dress for the weather and have comfort in mind. You can spot a tourist a mile away if they are wearing beachwear when it’s cold and non-stop raining.

Dressing appropriately is important when visiting a new country too. This is especially true when you travel to Europe. Europeans have their own sense of style and it can be difficult to blend in with the locals if you dress improperly. And don’t assume all Europeans dress the same. If you are visiting multiple countries across Europe you will have to dress for so many different climates and cultural customs.

what to wear in europe all year round

However, dressing like a local is one of the best ways to experience a new country. It is also way easier than you think.

The best tips for what to wear in Europe are to wear neutral colours, not look like you are preparing for the best instagram photo and avoid wearing t-shirts with huge slogans on. These will get you far in Europe.

What should you not wear when visiting Europe?

There isn’t a general set of rules on what to wear in Europe.

However, what not to wear in Europe does totally depend on what Countries and locations you are going to. If the destination you are planning to visit is particularly religious then make sure you are wearing respectful clothing. This is the same for when you visit any religious building throughout Europe.

If you are going out for a meal or an occasion, Europeans tend to dress up a bit. So don’t turn up in sweatpants or leggings. It is also uncommon to wear head to toe sports gear in Europe in general, so you may want to avoid that too.

What to wear in Europe during Spring (March-May)

What to wear in Europe will totally depend on your destination. However, the climate in Europe during spring is generally the same in most countries. The winter is melting away and spring is in bloom, so you should pack for Europe with this in mind.

what to wear in Europe during the spring

Spring weather becomes warmer and less wet as the months go on. However, no matter what spring month you visit, you should be prepared for anything. The last thing you want is to be stuck wearing beachwear in Europe when a snow storm hits.

The best things to wear in Europe during the spring are comfortable and can handle whatever the weather throws at you. So make sure you pack something warm, something for the sun and something waterproof and you should be covered.

What to wear in Europe during the Summer(June- start of September)

Summer time in Europe is a great time to explore what this amazing destination has to offer. From strolling around the most romantic places in Europe to diving into the blue waters surrounding the Greek Islands, you are guaranteed the best time.

what to wear in Europe during the summer

What to wear in Europe does totally depend on your destination but in most places, be prepared for the heat. However, this isn’t the case when you visit locations like Wales where you can be hit by all types of weather just in one day.

For many of Europe’s travelling hotspots, wear something that is breathable. If you are going sightseeing for the day, make sure you get a reliable day-bag to put in essentials like suncream or water. Many of the sites are a lot more crowded in the summer, so expect to wait.

What to wear in Europe during the Autumn/Fall (End of September-November)

Autumn is one of the most popular times to visit Europe if you want to beat the crowds. The temperatures start to cool down ready for winter. But if you are a lover of the sun, there are a few places such as Portugal that will still be holding on to the summer sun.

what to wear in Europe during the Autumn or fall

However, for the most of Europe, it’s time to start wearing warmer clothes again. The best things to wear in Europe during this time of year are warm clothes that can be easily layered. Clothing like jeans and warm jackets are always a safe bet as they will save you from the cold wind and potential rain.

What to wear in Europe during the Winter (December- February)

The weather in Europe can be pretty unpredictable. However, in winter, expect cold days with rain or snow thrown in. The weather does differ slightly from Country to Country so if you are looking for a winter wonderland or searching for the sun, it’s important to pick your destination carefully.

what to wear in Europe during Winter

Wherever you end up in Europe for your winter trip, a raincoat is always a must have. This is a great way to protect you from all the winter elements Europe may throw at you.

Combine this with a few layers, warm clothing and sturdy shoes and you will be all set for the perfect winter outfit in Europe.

FAQs about what to wear in Europe

When trying to find the perfect outfits for your European trip, I’m sure you have come up with a few questions about what to wear in Europe. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you pack for your trip:

what to wear in Europe frequently asked questions

What do tourists wear in Europe?

In Europe, there are many different cultures and countries. The dress code is usually different in each country. Some of the most common mistakes tourists make are wearing inappropriate clothing, not dressing for the weather or dressing too casually or too formally.

what to wear when you are visiting paris or europe

Not looking like a tourist by simply dressing like a local in Europe is a great way to travel a bit more safely and have a more enjoyable trip. The clothing will more likely be suited to the climate and activities you will do in the Country. Also, because you blend in and look like a local, you are way less likely to be targeted by scammers or pickpockets.

How do you dress up in Europe?

If you are trying to dress up in Europe, what to wear can seem impossible. However, it is pretty easy to know what to wear once you know what country you are visiting.

Europeans tend to dress smartly for all occasions. As long as you change from your beach shorts and flip flops, you should generally be ok. Here are a few more tips on how to easily dress up in Europe:

➡️ Do not wear trainers or sports gear

➡️ Make sure you are wearing something suitable for your destination. This should not only be weather appropriate but culturally accepted too.

➡️ Do not wear a baseball hat or any type of cap

➡️ Neutral and simple lines are always a hit

The most important thing when dressing up in Europe is to make sure that you know what the dress code is for the event you are attending. However, for most events, just wear something that doesn’t look like you have just been out all day seeing the sites and you can’t go wrong.

How should I dress to blend in when visiting Europe?

If you are looking what to wear in Europe to blend in, one great way is to shop local when you reach your destination.

What better way to blend in that to wear what the locals wear. This is a great way to not only blend in but know that whatever you buy will be perfect for your new location.

For those who want to prepare what to wear in Europe before their trip, stick to neutral colours. Also make sure the clothing you wear on your trip is fit for the weather. There is no quicker way to stand out than wearing summer clothing when it’s not that warm.

Are jeans acceptable in Europe?

Jeans are not only acceptable to wear in Europe, but very popular.

It’s not recommended to wear them in the summer but anytime of year they are a great choice. No matter what country you are in, jeans will always be worn by locals so you will fit right in.

Can I wear leggings in Europe?

Leggings aren’t that popular in Europe. So If you are wanting to wear leggings in Europe, I would say it totally depends. If you are planning to walk or do something active, they are perfectly acceptable. However, if you looking to wear something out for a meal, avoid leggings.

What to wear in Europe sign off: It can be hard to know what to wear in Europe, no matter how many times you have been. However, trying to blend in will make your trip go a lot smoother. So use this guide for an insight into what to wear in Europe for your next trip.

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