This is the Ultimate Guide for anyone wanting to do a Portugal Road Trip

The Ultimate Portugal Road Trip Guide 2022

Do you want a destination that has it all?

…Well with Breathtaking Beaches, Captivating Cities and the best food on the planet, Portugal is the place for you!

Portugal is one of the few destinations that has something for everyone. Not only does it offer lovely weather all year round but it is so diverse. You can travel 20 Minutes up the road and feel like you are in a totally different Country.

the buildings in portugal are so amazing, make sure you take your camera on a trip to lisbon

With so many things to do, the best way to explore this Stunning Country is by Road!

So Pour yourself a Glass Of Port, Sit back and explore the Ultimate Portugal Road Trip Guide to help you plan your Perfect Portugal Trip 🍷

When is the best time to Visit Portugal?

☀️ If you are a Sun Worshiper, August is the Hottest time of year in Portugal.

But if you want slightly cooler temperatures to explore, Spring(February- May) or Autumn( September-October) is the perfect time to book your visit.

During these seasons you will still have the Warm Sea Waters and Warm Climate but there will be less Tourists.

If you want to escape the Cold Winters, December is a great time to visit too.

Warm Red Sangria at Lisbon Christmas Markets
Warm Red Sangria at Lisbon Christmas Markets

Portugal is a great destination All Year Round.

The only decision you need to make for planning when you want your Portugal Road Trip is Simply, How Hot you want the Weather

Tip: Traveling Outside of the Summer Season is great for those traveling on a Budget. Hotels are usually Cheaper and the ques at tourist attractions are non-existent!

Don’t Forget to grab your Free Europe Language Guide Below ⬇️

How to get to Portugal

The Easiest way to get to Portugal is by Air. The 3 Main Airports are Lisbon, Faro and Porto.

You can fly to these Airports easily and for a pretty good price.

Book your seats to fly away to Portugal

To Check out Flight options and the best prices for your Portugal Road Trip, SkyScanner is one of the best flight comparison tools out there.

You can even see the Cheapest Months to Fly to Portugal from your Chosen Airport (How Great is That?)

If you want to do a Portugal Road Trip on a Budget, Saving money on flights is a great way to start!

What is the best way to travel in Portugal?

Portugal is very easy to navigate around.

For those who can’t drive but want to explore like you can with a Road Trip, the Train System is Awesome.

But for exploring everything Portugal has to offer, a Road Trip is the best way!

Road trips are the best way to see everything Portugal has to offer no matter how long your stay is.

Driving in Portugal

Is it easy to drive around Portugal?

If you are thinking about doing a Portugal Road Trip, the first thing you will want to know is “Is it easy to drive around Portugal?”

The Cristo Rei Statue looks amazing from the Road driving into Lisbon, even on a Rainy Day
The Cristo Rei Statue looks amazing from the Road driving into Lisbon, even on a Rainy Day!

You will be happy to hear that Driving in Portugal is fairly easy!

The Roads are well maintained and the signs are easy to follow if your Sat Nav loses connection. This makes exploring on a Portugal Road Trip so much easier!

Warning: In some of the more rural areas and small towns the roads are a lot more narrow and unkempt, so drive carefully. Also some streets also don’t have pavements so make sure you keep your eyes out for pedestrians.

👉 But if you are worried about driving on your Portugal Road Trip, Check out these simple driving tips

Renting a car for your Portugal Road Trip

In Portugal there are a few options out there for Car Rentals.

To look at the type of vehicle you want for your road trip the best place to start is with a comparison site, this will help you explore your options from rental prices to the number of seats.

Important information everyone who is driving in portugal needs to know

Tip: If you are planning to drive into Spain or any other Country you will probably be charged a Cross Border Fee by the Rental Company (on Average it costs 30 Euros) so just be aware of this extra charge.

Tips for Picking up your Car Rental in Portugal

Portugal is not only incredibly safe for Tourists but pretty easy to drive around.

Here are a few tips to make your Portugal Road Trip go as Smooth As Possible.

Roads in Lisbon City Portugal are really easy to drivel

🇵🇹 Use a device to Film around the car when you do the vehicle check. This is the best way to show any damage on the car before you received it.

🇵🇹 If you spot any damage when receiving your car, don’t be polite and not point it out. It is so important to make sure it is pointed out and the company makes a note of it.

🇵🇹 Before you set off, take a photo of car miles. This helps avoid any additional millage charges.

🇵🇹 Know your insurance options. Many people sort out their own car insurances before their trip because they know exactly what is covered and any additional costs.

Your ready to use Map of the Best Portugal Road Trip For City Lovers

This Map shows the must visit locations for Urban Explores.

Just Click on the Orange Buildings to Explore the amazing things to do in these Cities.

Your ready to use Map of the Best Portugal Road Trip For Beach Lovers

Click on the Yellow Umbrellas on the Map below to explore some of Portugal’s most stunning areas for Beach Lovers.

These Sea-Side destinations are a must for any Portugal Road Trip.

Tip: Download a Playlist and Navigation APP just in case the signal cuts out during Your Portugal Road Trip.

Our Top Portugal Road Trip Stops

  1. Lisbon
  2. Praça do Comércio
  3. Belém Tower
  4. Sanctuary of Christ the King
  5. Faro


Lisboa is Portugal’s Coastal capital that is a must stop location no matter how long your stay is!

Stopping here on your Portugal Road Trip you can expect amazing food, wonderful city views and fantastic places to shop.

visit lisbon for the ultimate portugal road trip

For a few hours or a few days, you will find so much to do in Lisbon. It is one of them very few places where you can just keep walking and not want to stop.

Lisbon is the perfect place to explore and has so many things to do, make sure you add lisbon to your portugal road trip

Praça do Comércio

When visiting Lisbon stop by Praça do Comércio, the buildings in this area are amazing.

This Square is one of the best across Europe due to it’s amazing views. It faces the harbour so no matter the weather, it is worth a visit!

Praça do Comércio is a stop everyone should make when visiting Portugal

Exploring here is done best by picking up some Pastel de nata from the shops nearby.

There are lots of places to grab a drink and a bite to eat but it’s not the cheapest place in Lisbon.

Belém Tower

If there is one spot you have to visit on your Portugal Road Trip, it’s Belem Tower.

This Historic site 6 KM for Lisbon can’t come recommended enough.

Many Other Roads on there Road Trip Around Portugal exploring the best sites
Make sure you stop by the Little Castle by The Sea on your Portugal Road Trip (Belem Tower, Lisbon)

The ancient tower sits in such a pretty area it’s worth visiting just for a walk. You can stroll around the area for free (for many this is more than enough) but if you want to have a tour of inside the tower, there is a charge.

The average price for a visit here is € 6 (the tower is closed on Mondays)

Opening Times:

October – April: 10 am to 5:30 pm.
May – September: 10 am to 6.30 pm.

Sanctuary of Christ the King

As you look over the bridge as you are driving into Lisbon you may think you are in Rio de Janeiro.

driving across the bridge into lisbon you would think you are in rio de janeiro, make a stop here to see the best lisbon views

This is because of the Statue that watches of the city of Lisbon, The National Sanctuary of Christ the King.

Just driving past this statue on your Portugal Road Trip will wow You. For the most impressive views of Lisbon, stopping here is definitely worth it (even in the rain!)

The Sanctuary of Christ the King offers the best views over lisbon, make sure you stop here on a trip to portugal

Entry to the Sanctuary of Christ the King is free, but tickets are needed to use the lift to the viewing platform. Tickets are €6 for adults and €3 for children.

There is also a free car park here so is an easy stop on your Portugal Road Trip!


Every Portugal Road Trip should include a stop at the Algave. There is so much to do in this region, including exploring the Algave’s charming Capital, Faro.

a visit to faro is so worth it and is a great way to see local life and try some of the amazing food

Faro is often overlooked by tourists, so make sure you don’t do the same. Faro is one of the few places that just oozes Portuguese vibes. From the Medieval old town to the vibrant Harbour, Faro has so much to offer.

If your Portugal Road Trip itinerary doesn’t give you much time to stop you can explore the delights of Faro in just few hours.

Faro is such an underrated location in the Algave and somewhere everyone should visited, especially for the mediveal old town

But if you are looking for a break from your Portugal Road Trip, somewhere to relax and enjoy the best local dishes, Faro is the place for you!

A Portugal Road Trip in 5 days

It’s surprising how much of Portugal you can see in 5 days.

It only takes a few hours to drive between the Cities and you can stop of at a few Beaches and sites on the Way!

However, with only 5 days you may want to plan some days on your Portugal Road Trip where you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Portugal has so much to do no matter how long your visit is

Tip: Try not to fit everything and anything into your 5 days if you want a relaxing trip as you will spend most of your trip driving.

A Portugal Road Trip in 10 days

Exploring Portugal in 10 days on your Portugal Road Trip will give you a chance to take it as slow as you like and still see a lot.

Make the most of having so much time here (We are Not at all Jealous) and enjoy a beer or two!

This amount of time will give you so many chances to eat your way around Portugal and get a pretty decent tan.

Driving unfamiliar roads can be challenging enough, especially when travel/motion sickness kicks in. Make sure you are prepared for this by reading the Ultimate Guide for Travel Sickness.

Top Spots to stay on your Portugal Road Trip

The Land of Port and Sunshine is a dream for whatever type of traveler you are.

For Foodies to History lovers, there are gems for everyone to find. So here are a few Top Spots to Stay in Portugal and our Must Stay Hotel.

Best Spots for Wine Lovers



🍷Douro Valley

Best Spots for Foodies




Best Spots for Sun Seekers




Best Spots for History Lovers




To find the best spots to stop on your Portugal Road Trip, Booking.Com is the perfect tool.

It will help you explore the different Room Rates, Facilities and best places to stop on your Portugal Road Trip.

Must Stay Hotel: The Eva Sense Hotel in Faro is a favorite Hotel for many when visiting Portugal. The Hotel has an amazing view of the harbor. It also has a spa and a Roof Top Pool. The most relaxing setting to appreciate the Portuguese Sun!

Things you need to try on your Portugal Road Trip

Portugal is full of wonderful local products.

Portugal is full of amazing food, make sure you try their famous tarts when you are there

Here are just a few things you don’t want to miss sampling on your Portugal Road Trip:

✔️Pastel de nata (Custard Tart)

✔️Vinho Verde (Green Wine)

✔️Sardinhas (sardines)

✔️Bifanas (pork sandwiches)

How to Save Money Exploring Portugal

Trips can sometimes cost you more than you budgeted for, so every little helps.

Check out these guides so you can save money when booking your trip and When you are doing your Portugal Road Trip.

🔎 This Guide will help you to save money when booking your trip.

🔎 This Guide will help you to keep your costs low and save money when you are in Portugal.

☀️Portugal Road Trip Sign Off: Portugal is the Perfect Holiday Destination for anyone and everyone. So What are you waiting for? Use this Guide to Plan the Best Portugal Road Trip ever!

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