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Lithuania Lovin’: The Best Lithuania Road Trip and itinerary Guide 2022

Lithuania is a Gem that Europe has been hiding from Many Travellers.

The Land is covered in a Natural Tapestry of Lakes, Forests and Beaches which will make you instantly fall in love with it. If you want to visit a destination that is untouched by tourists and has so much to explore, Lithuania is the place for you.

Lithuania is a hidden gem that everyone needs to visit when exploring europe

It doesn’t matter if you are a Urban Explorer or an Outdoor Rambler, Lithuania has you covered! There is so much to do throughout this Stunning Country and the best way to explore it is by Car.

We created this guide to help others plan their ultimate Lithuania Road Trip and provide anything and everything that you might need to know. So sit back, relax and follow this guide to create an unforgettable Lithuania Road Trip.

Why Should I Visit Lithuania?

Lithuania is just so special. it is not only a Natural Beauty but has some of the most exciting Cities across Europe. So if you want to get that perfect Insta Picture, this is the Spot for you.

Lithuania as a travel destination is amazing. There is so much to see and do, you will never be bored.

It is one of the very few places where no matter which direction you are driving in, you will feel like you are in a Fairy tale. Creating your own Lithuania road trip will allow you to see all of this incredible places in a short amount of time.

Trakai Castle at night is like a Fairy Tale. This is a must stop place for anyone exploring Lithuania and Europe

The travel destinations that will always leave you begging to come back are those with lovely people, Beautiful scenery and amazing food.

And we Guarantee that Lithuania will have you booking your next trip as soon as you leave.

The Best time to visit Lithuania

Lithuania is the Perfect Winter Break. Exploring the Country in Thick Winter Coats and watching the snow fall will make you feel so festive.

However, if you want to stroll around in warmer conditions, the best time to visit is June-August.

Anytime of year is great for a Lithuania Road Trip. However if you aren’t the most confident driver, avoid winter.

Lithuania is the perfect winter break. Many Other Roads loved Exploring Trakai Castle on a Winter Night. A must visit Location for everyone
Many Other Roads Exploring Trakai Castle on a Winter Night.

Tip: Due to Lithuania’s Position it can be prone to Wind and Rain from the Baltic Sea. So no matter what time of year you go, make sure you pack a Jumper and some Waterproofs.

How Long does it take to drive around Lithuania?

This will depend on How much you want to see, how many stops you make etc. But a Lithuania Road Trip can be done in 4-5 days.

This amount of days means you can explore the Main Attractions around Lithuania at a pretty Chilled out Pace.

The Main Roads are in amazing condition and there are lots of Road Signs, so you can take time off your Lithuania Road Trip itinerary for being lost.

The Roads in Lithuania are the perfect condition to drive no matter your experience. This will make driving your Lithuania Road Trip so much easier.

Is Lithuania safe to visit and drive around?

Lithuania is not only incredibly safe to visit but so so easy to drive around.

The Roads are well Maintained and easy to drive around even in the Winter Months. This makes planning your own Lithuania Road Trip super easy all year round!

Lithuania is very easy to drive around no matter how confident you are. The roads are very well maintaned and the road signs are amazing so there is no getting lost here

Everything you need to know about Renting a car for your Lithuania Road Trip

Driving in Lithuania Infographic stating all the important driving rules for your Road Trips

Car Rental Prices & Suggestions

Renting a Car for your Lithuania Road Trip Couldn’t be easier!

The best way to make sure you are getting the best deal for your Lithuania Road Trip is to use a comparison website. This means you can pick the Car and Budget that is perfect for you.

Renting a Car in Lithuania will allow you to see and explore so so much. To Rent a Car in Lithuania is pretty easy too (Bonus)

Picking up your Rental from the Airport is the best option, especially if you are on a budget.

You can pick your car up and start the ultimate Lithuania Road Trip straight away without relying on expensive Airport Transfers or long ques for Public Transport.

For one Week you can Find Car Rentals for £60/€69/$85.

We Rented our Car From Europcar At Kaunas Airport for our Lithuania Road Trip.

The Service was amazing and your name was put on their welcome board so you did feel like a bit of a Celeb!

If you are renting a Car From Kaunas Airport just be aware that the Car Park they keep them in is pretty small so be careful driving in and out of here.

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Map of Lithuania Road Trip

This Map has the Must Visit spots on it for the Ultimate Lithuania Road Trip. Simply click on the Icons to start Exploring.

Navigating a new Car in a new Country can be pretty stressful right? So make sure you are prepared for your Lithuania Road Trip by following these simple driving tips

When Exploring a New Country driving unfamiliar roads can be challenging enough. But being hit by Travel/ Motion Sickness can make it so much harder. Make sure your Lithuania Road Trip isn’t remembered for how travel sick you were by reading the Ultimate Guide for Travel Sickness.

Our Lithuania Road Trip Must Visit Spots

This Section of the Guide explores Lithuania’s Must Visit Spots on every Lithuania Road Trip (These Spots are Pinned on the Ready to Use Road Trip Map) and our must stay Hotel.

There are so many things to see and do in Lithuania. But here are the top 5 places that everyone visiting Lithuania needs to visit.
  1. Ninth fort
  2. The Hill of Crosses
  3. Kaunas
  4. Vilnius
  5. Cold War Museum
  6. Trakai castle

Ninth fort

Ninth Fort, Kaunas has played it’s part in Lithuanian and European History.

It had a place in Both the Cold War and the Holocaust ,where 50,000 people were killed here during the Second World War.

Ninth Fort has now been turned into a Museum for everyone to learn more about its role throughout time. This is a must visit spot on any Lithuania Road Trip.

Ninth Fort is an important place to visit for anyone who is in Lithuania. This place shares the stories and lives of those who suffered through the most terrible times, including the Holocaust.

Everyone who visits Lithuania needs to visit here to see an insight into the lives of those who were forced to stay in this place of Mass Murder.

Jewish Memorial at Ninth Fort is a powerful symbol and rememberance of all of those who suffered during the Holocaust

A visit here costs 3 Euros per person but you can get a guided tour for 18 Euros which lasts over an hour.

The Ninth Fort Site Contains lots of Useful Information for your visit like Opening Times, Things to do at the Museum and the History of the Fort.

A cell of the prisoners that were forced to stay at ninth Fort, Kaunas

Visiting Holocaust Sites are so important for everyone. We must never forget the lives and stories of those who had to go through these horrible times. Here are a few books you should read before visiting Holocaust sites across Europe.

The Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses is one of the top tourist attractions in Lithuania. It is believed that there are over 300,00 crosses here and really is something you need to see (It is also Completely Free!)

Driving here on your Lithuania Road Trip is pretty easy and the Parking here is also really good( you can just pull up at the side of the Road).

The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania at Night was so special, especially with no Tourists around

You only need about 30-45 minutes here to explore. For Directions just click on Our Ready To Go Lithuania Map and you are all set!

Tip: We visited at night on our Lithuania Road Trip and we were the only people here. However this is probably where the phrase Hauntingly Beautiful comes from. Seeing all the Crosses lit up was beautiful but in the silence of night, it was Spine-Chilling.


Kaunas is one of our Favorite Spots in Europe. It offers so many Picturesque Views, Amazing Places to Eat and a true insight into the City Lives of Lithuanians.

We Couldn’t recommend Kaunas enough and it is definitely worth visiting on your Lithuanian Road Trip !

The Art Work in Kaunas, Lithuania is amazing. Walking through the Streets of Kaunas will never be boring

When exploring Kaunas your Head will be constantly turning because of it’s beauty, History and Street art. Kaunas Castle is just stunning and the First Place you Should Visit when you arrive here.

Kaunas Sign at night looks so pretty, definetly a spot you need to stop by when strolling through Kaunas, Lithuania

If you are like us and travel for your Stomachs, Kaunas has some amazing Bars and Restaurants that are extremely good value.

Make sure you try a local beer and Lithuanian Dumplings whilst you are here!

Tip: We planned to visit the KGB Museum but it was impossible to get in Touch with them. We looked on their Website and the opening times stated it was open. Once we turned up we found the doors looked and no one around. So if this is somewhere you really want to visit, ring ahead.

Lithuanian Dumplings are something every Foodie needs to try when visiting Kaunas


Vilnius is a wonderful stop on any Lithuania Road Trip, even if its just for the night.

Exploring Lithuania's capital city is never boring, there is always so much to do and see here

There is so much to see and do here but one place you must visit is Vilnius Old Town.

The Old Town is one of the Oldest in Europe and is the perfect place to explore. It also has lots of restaurants and Cafes so is a great spot to grab a drink and watch Vilnius City in Action.

Our Must Stay Hotel: The Shakespeare Boutique Hotel can be found in Vilnius Old Town and is one of the Most Charming Hotels in the Whole of Europe.

Not only is it in the best location for Exploring Vilnius but does the best breakfast ever. This is one Hotel We will never be able to Recommend enough for anyone visiting Lithuania.

Cold War Museum

This was one of our Favorite attractions in Lithuania.

This underground exhibition is one of a kind and displays information about the Cold War. What makes this location totally unique is that it is set up in a Former Soviet Union Missile silo.

So make sure you include this spot on your Lithuania Road Trip.

Cold War Museum Bunker leading us underground is such a unique way to learn about the Cold War in Lithuania.

This Museum is such a good day out for all. And once you are done here you can explore the surrounding Area.

This area is so beautiful to explore as it is part of Zemaitija National Park.

To Explore This Area More, Click on The Green Tree on the Lithuania Road Trip Map.

And for even more information on the amazing things you can do in this area Click Here. We love this Website because they constantly update it on information that may impact your Visit Such As Road Works.

Exploring the rooms at the Cold War Museum, Lithuania was such a unique way to see information about the Soviet War. This is one spot anyone visiting Lithuania needs to visit.

Tip: The drive here involved going up more narrow and uneven roads so be careful when driving here. Also the public transport is not great here so if you are getting here without a car, the best base to travel from is Plunge.

Trakai Castle

Sometimes no words are needed, this is definitely the Case for Trakai Castle.

Your Camera will be full of Pictures of the Castle that is sitting on the water because it is just stunning. There are lots of places to eat and shop too so you could easily spend a few hours here.

Trakai Castle is such a beautiful spot in Lithuania and the number one place everyone needs to visit

Visiting Here on a Lithuania Road Trip is not only a must but Super Easy! There was plenty of parking and a very easy drive.

Tip: Visiting Trakai Castle at night is a totally different experience. Not only is it empty but the Castle is lit up by lights which is just gorgeous.

A Lithuania Road Trip is the most amazing way to explore this Beautiful Hidden Gem. So What are you waiting for? Start Planning your Trip Now!

How to save money on your Lithuania Road Trip

Saving Money is always amazing when you are on a trip.

So if you want to save as much as you can when booking your trip and once you land in Lithuania, make sure you check out these Money Saving Guides.

✨ This Guide will show you how to Save Money When booking your trip to Lithuania.

✨ This Guide will help you keep your Costs Low when Exploring Lithuania.

🇱🇹 Lithuania Road Trip Sign Off: Lithuania is one of the most amazing places in Europe for Adventure. Use this guide to start planning the ultimate Lithuania road trip.

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