Pembrokeshire road trip

The Best Pembrokeshire Road Trip 2022

Wales is full of amazing places that make any road trip great. However, It can be hard to decide where to go first, especially if you have limited time. But with Coastal Walks, Amazing Views and Great picnic spots, Pembrokeshire is a must!

A Pembrokeshire road trip is the best way to see the best of what Wales has to offer. With over 50 beaches and one of the best coastlines in the world, it is well worth the visit. Use this guide to plan the ultimate Pembrokeshire road trip.

The Best Pembrokeshire Guide

To Inspire and help plan your Pembrokeshire Road Trip, the pocket rough guide of Pembrokeshire is the ultimate travel guide for your Adventure.

Why you should take a Pembrokeshire road trip

Well apart from it being one of the most breathtaking spots in the UK, there is so much to do!

Pembrokeshire is home to it’s amazing national park. With 240 square miles ready for you to discover, this is the perfect location to explore the outdoors and discover why this coast is so special.

Pembrokeshire is full of geographic and natural beauty's which everyone needs to visit

All of the main attractions are also pretty close to each other. You can do a Pembrokeshire road trip in one day if you are pressed for time.

Where do you stop on the way to Pembrokeshire?

You will find Pembrokeshire in Southwestern Wales and there are plenty of places to stop on the way before you reach here.

the gower is a great place to stop before reaching pembrokeshire, make sure you visit wormshead at rhosilli bay

It depends which direction you are starting your Pembrokeshire road trip from. The most popular route is following the South Wales M4 corridor. If this is the route you are planning, make stops at Carmarthen, Tenby and the Gower to get a taste of South Wales (You won’t be disappointed!).

The Gower has some of the most amazing Walks in the UK, so if have some extra time on your Pembroke Road Trip, it is well worth your time stopping here.

tenby is the best place to stop on any wales road trip and the perfect stop before reaching magical pembrokeshire

If your Pembrokeshire road trip is starting from North Wales, the most amazing stops are Aberystwyth and St Davids.

The best time to visit Pembrokeshire

The Summer Season (June-September) is the best time to do a Pembrokeshire road trip.

the summer months are the best time to visit pembrokeshire

But be warned, the Welsh Weather is very temperamental so there is no guarantee of Sunshine. Make sure you pack a Rain Coat no matter the time of year.

Pembrokeshire Road Trip Map

For the best Pembrokeshire road trip itinerary, just follow the points on the Map.

Our top Pembrokeshire road trip stops

  1. St Govan’s Head
  2. St Govan’s Chapel
  3. Huntsman’s Leap
  4. Freshwater West Beach
  5. Dobby’s Grave
  6. Pembroke Castle

St Govan’s Head

If you want to stroll around the Welsh Coastline with the most jaw dropping views, plan a stop at St Govan’s head on your Pembrokeshire road trip.

St Govans head is a must visit place when visiting pembrokeshire in Wales

St Govan’s Head is the perfect place to stroll as it’s pretty flat. It also offers some of the most amazing views in Wales so is a must visit place on any Pembrokeshire road trip.

There are loads of different paths to explore here so you could easily lose a few hours exploring.

St govan's head has so much to see but there are no facilities here so make sure you bring a picnic to enjoy them coastal views

There are no facilities here so make sure you back a picnic if you want to spend a day here. If you are on a tight schedule I recommend spending a minimum of 2 hours here on your Pembrokeshire road trip.

There is a tarmac car park here but it gets busier and busier throughout the day (especially if the sun is shinning). If you want to visit here on a sunny day, get here as early as you can.

st govan's head is one of the best coastal walks you can do in wales

➡️ Before you visit St Govan’s Head, click here for important information such as the army range and facilities. If the army range is in use St Govan’s is closed to the public.

As you are strolling around this Coastal gem on your Pembrokeshire road trip, make sure you stop by the main attractions here, St Govan’s Chapel and Huntsman’s leap.

St Govan’s Chapel

St Govan’s Chapel is a must visit location for anyone visiting South Wales. There is no chapel like it and the views from it are like no other.

st Govan's chapel which sits in the rock in Pembrokeshire is a must visit location on any Pembrokeshire road trip

But why is there a Chapel built into the rock?….Well the tale goes that St Govan was trying to hide from some Pirates during 5/6 AD. When he was desperately looking for somewhere to hide, the rock face opening up, offering him a place to hide.

After this St Govan decided this was the perfect place to live and built his home there.

a visit to st govan's chapel is a must on any pembrokeshire road trip, even if it's just to see the views

A visit here is free, you just need to walk down the steps at St Govan’s Head. Even though there is rope down the left of the stairs to hold on to, they are steep so watch your step.

Once you get down to the Chapel there is a large stone room and a few windows for you to peak at the incredible views. But as you walk out there is your own private beach which is the perfect picnic spot!

st govans chapel hides the most amazing views and beach in pembrokeshire, this is a must visit on a pembrokeshire road trip

If your schedule is really tight then you could easily see the chapel and beach in about 10 minutes.

If you are looking for somewhere to take in the coastal views on your Pembrokeshire road trip, this is the spot.

Make sure you take your camera down to the Chapel because words really do not do it justice.

the beach hidden behind st govan's chapel makes stopping here on your pembrokeshire road trip worth it

Visiting St Govan’s Chapel is a must on any Pembrokeshire road trip. This is one place you really don’t want to miss.

Huntsman’s Leap

Huntman’s Leap is another amazing view with a tale. A hunter on horseback jumped over this coastal chasm and died of shock once he had seen the distance he jumped. Hence the unique name of Huntsman’s Leap.

huntman's leap is a coastal gem that you need to visit on a pembrokeshire road trip

When you arrive at St Govan’s Head Car Park, go right towards the Army Range, you will find the leap there.

This spot is a lot quieter compared to the rest of the walk. It is a great place to relax and get the most amazing photo’s of your Pembrokeshire road trip.

huntman's leap is the perfect place to snap photos of the pembrokeshire coast

To walk to Huntman’s Leap and take a few photo’s you are looking at at least a 20 minute stop on your Pembrokeshire road trip.

St Govan’s head has so many amazing views so it is definitely worth planning to spend an hour or two here on your Pembrokeshire road trip.

Freshwater West Beach

With so many Beaches available, it can be hard to know which ones to stop by on your Pembrokeshire road trip. For the perfect spot to relax, grab a bite to eat and dip in it’s blue waters, the sandy Freshwater West Beach is the best spot.

Freshwater east beach in pembrokeshire is the perfect place to relax on a pembrokeshire road trip

There is loads of parking for Freshwater East Beach but it fills up quickly. If you cannot get a spot right by the beach there is plenty of parking on the road towards the beach.

The beach is huge and dog friendly so the perfect stop for all on a Pembrokeshire road trip.

There is also a food van here which serves lots of hot food options if you haven’t picked any food up.

⚡If you are a Harry Potter fan, make sure you read below for the best spot at Freshwater east beach for you!

Dobby’s Grave

Who would have thought Pembrokeshire would be the set for so many films?

On your Pembrokeshire road trip you will be able to see many places from the big screen but one of the most famous is Dobby’s Grave from Harry Potter.

dobby's grave is one of the film scenes you can visit on a pembrokeshire road trip

You will find the grave tucked in a Sand dune at Freshwater east beach.

When you enter the beach from the car park head for the banking on the right. The easiest way to spot it is probably to walk the foot path across the sand banks so you can spot it straight away.

It doesn’t take long to take a stop on your Pembrokeshire road trip to visit here and is so worth it!

Pembroke Castle

For a place of History and the most amazing views, the Castle on the water is a must visit on any Pembrokeshire road trip.

pembroke castle is the best place to stop on a pembrokeshire road trip

You will find Pembroke Castle in Pembroke town. It has lots of coffee shops and bars nearby so is the perfect pit stop for a break and to take in the amazing castle views.

You can explore the Castle for about £7.00 per person and is a great place to spend a few hours. However, the most amazing way to explore the Castle is to walk around it on the Footpath (which is free) or to rent a boat to explore by moat.

➡️ For more information on visiting Pembroke Castle, Click Here.

Pembroke Town and Castle is a great place to stop for a few hours on your Pembrokeshire road trip and has something for everyone.

🌊 Pembrokeshire Road Trip Sign Off: This area of Wales is full of amazing things to do with some of the best views around. Make sure you use this guide to see the very best of Wales and Pembrokeshire.

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