South Wales Road Trip

The Most Wonderful South Wales Road Trip Guide 2022

Friendly Locals, Celtic Coastlines and mountainous views, Cymru is the perfect place for Road Trippers.

Full of magical sites and things to do, South Wales will give you the best adventures, no matter how long your stay is.

There are lots of South Wales Road Trips Guides about so why not use one created by locals?

Use this south wales road trip guide for the best advenute

This Guide is full of must visit spots as well as those not many people know about unless you are from Wales.

So use this guide to explore the land of dragons ,on the Ultimate South Wales Road Trip.

How long does it take to drive around Wales?

To Drive around South Wales it is roughly 123 miles.

But with all the Castles, Waterfalls, Wild Horses and other amazing sites you will discover on the way, be prepared to stop a lot on your South Wales Road Trip.

visiting Castles in South Wales is one of the best things to do on a  South Wales Road Trip

The roads are also in pretty good condition which will make exploring so much easier.

And with the M4 Motorway Corridor connecting the whole of South Wales, driving here on your South Wales Road Trip will be a breeze.

What is the best month to visit Wales?

We may be slightly biased but Wales is a great place to visit all year round!

The exciting part about Wales is how completely unpredictable to weather is.

Wales is great to visit all year but don't rely on the weather. You will see amazing views from Brecon April-July

So don’t plan your visit based around when the sun will be shinning the most (it will probably rain).

But if you want to see Wales in full bloom, April-June is a great time to plan your South Wales Road Trip.

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Do you need to Speak Welsh to get by?

Nope, even though welsh is widely spoken, you will get around fine on your South Wales Road Trip using English.

How many days do you need to see South Wales?

A 7 Day South Wales Road Trip will allow you to see all the highlights and give you plenty of time to explore them for as long as you like.

7 days is a great amount of time to visit wales but you can do it in less time if you hurry

But if you are pressed for time, 3-4 days is a good amount of time to explore many of the main sites in South Wales.

If you are planning to do a South Wales Road Trip over a Weekend, it’s best to stick to one or two regions in Wales. You will lose a lot of time driving otherwise.

Renting a Car for a South Wales Road Trip

If you are not using your own car for you South Wales Road Trip, there are plenty of places to rent a car across Wales.

To get the best car for your budget and needs, Europcar is great for exploring your options.

Useful Tip: It costs on average £20 per day to rent a car in Wales.

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Our South Wales Road Trip Top Spots

  1. The Gower
  2. Pembrokeshire
  3. Cardiff
  4. Brecon Beacons
  5. Neath Waterfalls
  6. Tenby

Map of South Wales Road Trip Spots

The Gower

The Gower offers over 30 amazing Beaches and Coves for you to explore.

The gower in South wales has over 30 amazing beaches and is a great spot for all beach lovers

Some Must Visit Beaches around the Gower area are: Caswell Bay Beach, Three Cliffs Bay and Llangland Bay.

If you are a lover of the outdoors or just want a drink with amazing views, The Gower is somewhere you need to stop on your South Wales Road Trip.

Must Stop Gower Location: Rhossili Bay

Rhossili bay and wormshead offer some of the most amazing views in the gower and is one of the best things to do in south wales

Rugged Rhossili offers some of the most picture perfect views on the Gower Peninsular.

Rhossili bay and Worms head is an amazing day out for all and somewhere everyone visiting South wales needs to go

From relaxing on Rhossili Beach to adventuring over to Worms Head, this is a perfect place to get a taste of the Welsh Coast.

Rhossili and wormshead is a top thing to do in the gower and on every wales road trip

🌊Psss….To find out more about this Must Stop Location (How to get here, the best places to park, facilities near by etc), Click Here for the Ultimate Rhossili and Worms Head Guide.


Pembrokeshire is a great stop on any South Wales Road Trip because of it’s beauty and the number of amazing things to do.

Click on the Map below to explore some of the best things to do in Pembrokeshire ⬇️

Top Pembrokeshire Spots

Pembroke Castle

Everywhere you look in Wales there is a Castle. So if you don’t have time to visit them all it can be hard to decide which ones are worth it.

Each Castle has it’s own unique story to tell. But if you want to visit a Castle that will Wow you on your South Wales Road Trip, Make a Stop at Pembroke Castle.

Pembroke castle is one of the best to visit in wales and has so much to do around it

Pembroke Castle sitting on the Water is such a pretty view. There are also lots of Coffee shops and bars close by so you can enjoy the view.

Simply strolling around the outside of the Castle will show you how beautiful it is.

You can also go inside the Castle and explore more of it’s history. One fun activity which is sooo worth doing is to rent a boat outside the Castle and explore from the Moat (just don’t forget your Camera)

➡️ Click Here to find out more about the Boat rental at Pembroke Castle

St Govans Head- Huntsman’s Leap

A Local Legend is how this Coastal Cliff gets its unusual name.

A hunter is said to have jumped from one side of the cliff to the other on horseback. When looking back and seeing the gap he had managed to jump on his horse, he died of shock.

Huntsman's Leap in Pembrokeshire wales is something you don't want to miss on a wales road trip

You will find this Breathtaking Cliff at St Govans Head. It also offers some amazing views of the Pembroke Coast so take a camera.

There is a Car Park here which is a decent size but fills up pretty quickly. So if the Weather is nice try and get here early so you can get a space.

St Govans Head offers some amazing views and something everyone needs to see when visiting wales

St Govans Head-St Govans chapel

St Govans Head is home to some beautiful sites, this includes the Chapel built into the Rock.

st govans chapel is one of South wales' hidden treasures, a chapel that is built into the rock

Climb down the steps at St Govans Head to see this Welsh Coastal Gem.

St Govans Chapel is truly breathtaking and a wales must visit

Important Information for visiting St Govans Head: The Nearest toilets are in Bosherston (1 mile). If you want to walk around St Govans Head it is is on the Castlemartin firing range. It is closed when the range is in use. 

Click Here to Check if St Govans Head is Open for when you want to visit on your South Wales Road Trip.

Freshwater West Beach (Dobby’s Grave)

Who would have thought Wales had so many filmed in it?

Well if you are a Harry Potter Fan Head Down to Freshwater West Beach. Here you will find the spot of Dobby’s Grave.

Dobby's grave in pembrokeshire wales is where every harry potter fan should visit if they are in wales

Finding Dobby’s grave is a bit tricky.

Once you enter the beach from the car park head for the banking. The easiest way to spot it is probably to walk the foot path across the sand banks so you can spot it straight away.

If you want to find it without walking over the banks, the best way to get there is by climbing the steepest sand dune there (you can’t miss it).

A trip here is free( always a bonus) and there are lots of parking options which makes it a great stop on your South Wales Road Trip.


Make sure you stop by the Capital City on your South Wales Road Trip . With so much to see and do, Caerdydd is somewhere you really don’t want to miss.

Cardiff Castle is a great thing to do when visiting wales no matter the weather

Top Cardiff stops

Cardiff Castle

With Wales’ rich History, Cardiff Castle makes a fantastic day out for all. You can walk around the ground for free but if you actually want to go inside you will have to pay (it is worth it!)

exploring cardiff castle on a wales road trip is something you don't want to miss on your wales visit

Other Must Visit Places in Cardiff

✔️Cardiff Bay

✔️St. Fagans National Museum of History

✔️Bute Park

✔️Principality Stadium- Try and catch a Rugby Game when you are visiting

✔️Castell Coch- This stop isn’t close to the center but trust me, you will want to stop here on your South Wales Road Trip

Brecon Beacons

Driving through the Brecon Beacons and surrounding areas you would never guess you were in Wales.

Wild Horses, Mighty Mountain and impassable Waterfalls make the Brecon Beacons a must visit on any South Wales Road Trip.

the views around brecon beacons are amazing and a must add place to add on a wales road trip

Top Brecon Beacon Stops on a South Wales Road Trip

Brecon Town

Brecon town is a lovely place to stop for a look through the shops and a bite to eat.

There are lots of places to park too so making a trip to the town super easy.

If there is only one place you stop in Brecon Town, make sure it’s Brecon Chocolates. Here you can try the most mouth watering Welsh Handmade Chocolate. (The Espresso Martini Bar is the best thing ever!)

Brecon chocolates is one of the best things to do in Brecon town and an amazing pit stop on a Wales Road Trip

The Black Mountains

Driving the roads surrounding the black mountains on your South Wales Road Trip will give you views upon views!

The Black Mountains in Brecon are an amazing place to visit Rain or Shine but super fun in the snow

So even if you don’t get out of your car and just drive through, it is so worth it.

But if you do decide to stop, make the most of the amazing walks and the ice cream van in the Car Park.

The Black Mountains in brecon trail is a fantastic way to stretch your legs on a South Wales road trip

The best walk to do is the one off the Car Park Where you can see some of Wales’ Limestone mining past.

the black mountains has so much evidence of welsh history it is well worth the walk to see everything

Neath Waterfalls

Add chasing Waterfalls to your South Wales Road Trip itinerary for the most magical walks.

visiting the waterfalls in neath is so worth visiting wales, make sure you stop at waterfall county on your South wales road trip

Just Drive down the M4 and you will be able to get to Waterfall County to start your adventures.

Top Waterfalls in Neath & The Surrounding Areas

✔️Aberdulais Falls

✔️Henrhyd Falls (Where Batman was Filmed)

Neath also has a stunning Canal which is the perfect place for a picnic and a gentle stroll on your South Wales Road Trip.

Neath Canal is such a pretty walk that is easy to do so pack a picnic and make sure you stop here on a Wales Road Trip


Visiting this Harbour Town in South West Wales will show you exactly why it’s one of Wales’ most popular destinations.

Tenby is a must stop location for anyone visiting Wales or planning a wales road trip

Tenby is full of brightly coloured houses, amazing views and the best places to try Welsh Products!

It’s full of unique shops, Beach Views and so many activities. No matter if you are visiting Solo, as a Couple or Family, you will find something to do here which will make your South Wales Road Trip unforgettable.

Tenby has so much to do, you could spend a good few days here. However if you have places to go and other things to see, you can see a lot of Tenby in an hour or two.

Tenby beach is a great place to relax and a must visit place on a  south wales trip

Make sure you add Tenby to your South Wales Road Trip Itinerary to explore this charming Coastal Town.

Things you need to try on your South Wales Road Trip

Wales is full of amazing things you need to try on your South Wales Road Trip. So make sure you don’t leave before trying some of these Welsh delights!

✔️ Welsh Cakes (they are best when they are fresh off the griddle) So Stop by a local Market to grab the best ones.

✔️ Welsh Whiskey (You can have a tour at the Penderyn whisky which is a fantastic way to try it)

✔️ Bara Brith

✔️ Welsh Laverbread

✔️ Welsh Rarebit (it’s basically the best cheese on toast ever)

👉 Make sure you check out this guide that helps you eat around Wales and Beyond for less money

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 South Wales Road Trip sign off: Discovering Celtic Cymru and all it’s amazing views will have you fall head over heels with Wales. Use this guide to start planning your own wonderful Wales Road Trip.

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