The ultimate guide on how to find the best food in europe

Food in Europe: The Ultimate Foodies guide to Europe on a Shoe String 2021

If you’re anything like us food is one of the most important parts of any trip. When we start planning trips we always get super excited about all the amazing food in Europe we will get to try!

Nothing beats trying some of the local delicacies and getting stuck in. whether it be a dish  you’ve had at home or something that tastes like it’s off a completely different planet.

Spain is the perfect Location for foodies to visit on a Europe Road trip

The guide books may sway you to the most popular and expensive venues but we have found a way to taste our way around Europe without having to pay an arm and a leg!

Use this ultimate guide to try the best food in Europe without breaking the bank.

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Take A stroll away from Tourist Attractions for the best Food in Europe

Firstly try the restaurants and cafes that are not right by a tourist attraction. This is not only a great way to try authentic food in Europe but will save you some serious cash!

Food in Europe is always more expesive by tourist attraction so make sure you are eating away from these if you are on a budget

This may sound like common sense to keep costs down but often eating near tourist attractions across Europe we have found that the food quality is not always as good.

Another thing we noticed quickly on our travels is that most of the time they are not offering authentic dishes, rather what they think tourist want. Who wants to travel all the way to Prague and be offered something they can have at home? If you want to try Authentic food in Europe, stay away from Touristy places.

The tourist venues are also usually very busy all the time so you have no time to relax and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing seeing. 

if you are on a budget save money by not eating near tourist attractions

To have a change of pace our key tip is to use trip advisor to find somewhere to grab a bite to eat a few streets away.

Not only will you find the prices are significantly cheaper for food and a wine or two, but you will feel you are eating like a local!

This hack is a great way to try amazing food in Europe and beyond without spending a fortune!

The Food in Europe is amazing, make sure you don't eat near the tourist attractions if you want to embrace local life
Calamari from an amazing Seafood restaurant we stumbled upon in Dubrovnik Croatia

Try An Indoor Market

As we are from Wales, a Country full of indoor markets, We are always drawn to them on our adventures. This is a great way to try the Food in Europe without paying over the odds for it!

Local markets not only sell local products and day to day items but the most amazing local, freshly prepared food. This is always the best way to try the food in Europe which locals would also eat.

Food in Europe is amazing but if you want to eat like a local, head over to a local market to find cheap, authentic meals

These meals are very friendly on the debit card and help glimpse into the daily life of a local.

Even though these meals and snacks are not in a 5 star restaurant, they are perfect for when you are on the go! 

Local Indoor Market Barcelona was an amazing way to try the food locals eat in the area and save money
A Local indoor Market we visited in Barcelona, Spain.

So if you want to try local food in Europe on your next trip, make sure you add visiting a local market to your itinerary.

Tap into Locals Knowledge

There comes a time in every trip where we can never agree on what we want to eat or try next.

When this happens we always search for local recommendations. This is a great way to try amazing food in Europe and save money.

Eating where the locals do will allow you to try so many amazing things and are usually a lot cheaper

From staff at our accommodation, a taxi driver or at a bar where we have stopped for a Pre Dinner drink, it pays to ask!

This has always lead us to finding great, cheap food in Europe.

These places where locals eat are often authentic, cheap and something you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

So next time you are struggling for some Foodie inspiration, ask a local. You will save so much money and get to try the best local food in Europe.

Ask For the Local version on the menu

Worried the price on the menu is too high? Try asking for a menu in the local language.

This was one hack that shocked us when we figured it out!

In one or two places we have noticed how the price on the native menu is significantly different to the English menu.

asking for the local menu means you get to try so many traditional dishes and save some money

If you have done your research or been in that place for a day or two you generally get a feel for the average prices when eating and drinking out.

So our advice is if anything jumps out, it’s worth checking with the local version of the menu. Otherwise you will be paying so much more just for ordering in another language.

By using this Europe Food Hack you will be able to save your hard earned cash to try even more food in Europe!

Grab some Street Food for the best food in Europe on a budget

Street food is probably our all time favorite way to try something new.

Ironically this is normally a staple in Asia but this way of cooking has definitely made it’s way up the silk road.

It’s delicious local food and most importantly it doesn’t tend to break the bank! This is a great way to try lots of different food in Europe that doesn’t cost a lot

Also due to Europe’s highly cosmopolitan nature you will almost always get food from other cultures too if you fancy a change . This is the ultimate way to try lots of different dishes and Food in Europe on a budget.

Food in Europe is best sampled by street food stalls. You get to try so much for half the price

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Food in Europe Sign Off: There is so many different dishes and cuisines all over Europe it’s easy to overspend. Use this guide so you can try all the food you want in Europe and Save your money!

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