Worms Head at Rhossili is a great place to visit in the Gower for all

The Best Guide for the Worms Head Walk: Rhossili’s Rugged Adventure 2021

Rhossili bay is nothing other than stunning. The views you can see from here will make you fall in love with Wales Completely. There are many walking routes you can do around Rhossili. From a stroll and a picnic with the family to breath taking hikes, this location offers it all.

However, when you arrive one place will stand out, Worms Head.

The worms head walk is something everyone should do. The Gower has some beautiful spots, but nothing quite like this! This spot has inspired many, including Dylan Thomas ,who was once stranded here because of the tide.

This guide will tell you exactly what to expect if you plan to do the Worms Head Walk at Rhossili (and how not to get stranded!)

What is Worms Head?

When you look at out sea from Rhossili bay you will notice a headland, this is Worms Head or Penrhyn Gwyr in Welsh.

It is also the furthest westerly point on the Gower Peninsula.

Worms Head Walk at Rhossili Bay is one of the best in the gower

This tidal Island is formed of carboniferous limestone and is only accessible for 2.5 hours either side of low tide. The Worms Head Walk is also one of the most beautiful walks you can do in wales

Who can do the Worms Head Walk?

From the Safety of above, the Worms Head Walk looks deceivingly easy. This is because it looks fairly close and the rock surfaces look like a smooth path.

The path towards Worms Head at Rhossili bay is full of horses and the most amazing views over the gower

However, the Worms Head Walk is far more challenging than it may appear.

There is a path down to the start of the trial but then it completely stops. So to start the walk you need to climb over some fairly large rocks, so is not ideal for anyone with a pushchair or dogs. This isn’t the only obstacle on the Worms Head Walk as the rocks are also fairly uneven and jagged on the rest of the journey.

I found the Worms Head walk challenging because you are always thinking of where to step next. Keep this in mind when you are planning your walk, especially if you have small children or dogs.

And remember as fun as it might be adventuring over for a picnic, you need to get back before the tide comes!

How to do the Worms Head Walk

This walk takes about 45 minutes- 1 hour to arrive at Worms Head.

1️⃣At the National Trust Car park at Rhossili Bay,Turn left down the Coastal Park

2️⃣Follow the Path until you see a building where there will be a volunteer lookout, then go straight ahead (You will see the Tide times in front of you).

3️⃣Go down the Path towards Worms Head and you will see Large Rocks.

4️⃣Climb over the Large Rocks and head towards the Island (I found it easier to head left as the rocks seemed more flat)

5️⃣Walk up the bank (the second gap to the left was easier to get up) and you have arrived!

Make sure you leave plenty of time to get back as there is only a 5 hour gap all day.

How do I get to Rhossili?

Rhosili, Swansea, SA3 1PR

There are many ways to get here. The most popular way is usually by car of bus. Just Click ‘Directions’ on the Map above and you are ready to go!

As this is a National Trust location there is a fee for the Car Park. It is £3.00 for 2 hours or £6.00 for the whole day (2021). If you are going to complete the Worms Head Walk ,It’s recommended to buy the whole day ticket. But If you are a National Trust member, it is completely free!

For more information on bus services , hotels or other facilities near by, just click on the Map above. You can also drop us an email at hello@manyotherroads.co.uk or check out the National Trust information.

Other Parking Options at Rhossili

The National Trust Car Park is awesome place to start your Worms Head Walk because it’s so convenient and there are always lots of spaces available. But there are a few other options nearby that are cheaper.

There are lots of options to park for the worms head walk at rhossili bay like the national trust car park

One Spot is Saint Mary’s Church Car Park , which offers all day parking. They have a donation box by the gate so there is no set charge for parking here. Click Here to find more parking Alternatives for Rhossili Bay.

Other Information that may come in handy for your Worms Head Walk

👉There are toilets just left of the Car Park

👉There are a few pubs and Cafe’s near by (they have been offering take away services during the pandemic)

👉Make sure you are wearing sensible shoes for the Worms Head Walk

👉There is a Coast watch at the building before the walk to help keep your crossing safe, check here for more information.

🌊 The Worms Head Walk is a challenging route but so worth doing for the fantastic Welsh Views. Use this Guide to start planning your Scenic Stroll!

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