The best luggage for European travel 2022

The Best Luggage For All Types Of European Travel 2022

Trying to figure out the best luggage for European travel? You’ve come to the right place!

A trip to Europe is full of the most wonderful things.No matter if you are just visiting one destination or loads, you will notice how your surroundings will change constantly. From cobbled streets to mountain paths, your luggage is going to go through a lot. To make your trip stress free and as easy as possible, make sure you have the best luggage for European travel.

This article will review the best luggage for European travel on the market to help find the perfect one for your trip.

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What is the best luggage for European Train Travel?

One of the best ways to explore multiple Countries across Europe is by train. For this you are going to need something that is durable and lightweight. Take a look at the best luggage for your train journeys across Europe.

The Eastpak Tranverz is a great case for anyone wanting to explore Europe by train. It is lightweight, easy to move around with and has padded handles for easy lifting. It also comes with a lock which will put your mind at ease!

The separate compartments make great use for travellers that may be exploring for a while. What makes this case great for any traveller is the large front pouch which makes grabbing anything you may need quickly, super easy.


✔️Not as bulky as most other large suitcases

✔️Adjustable straps so you can make your case bigger or smaller

✔️Lightweight and spacious

✔️Lock for extra security

✔️Breathable fabric and warranty protected


❌ Doesn’t stand upright if the base isn’t packed

I want Luggage that is a bit more Tech Savvy…

If you are looking for a more Tech Savvy option, the MATEIN Travel Backpack may be the perfect option for you. This luggage is the best luggage for European travel for those who want to take their gadgets on their adventures.

It’s multiple compartments include a padded laptop sleeve to protect your gadgets. The backpack also comes with hidden anti-theft facilities, a USB port to charge your devices and a large compartment for whatever you may need to pack.

The price of this backpack is great value for money so is the perfect luggage for anyone on a budget!


✔️ Great Value for Money

✔️ Incredibly quality and durability

✔️ Multipurpose so can be used for day to day life

✔️ Hidden pockets that provide extra safety


❌ Tight fit for a 15″ Laptop

Which luggage is best for International Travel?

If you are looking for the best luggage for European Travel, this should then also be the best luggage for international travel.

The best luggage for international travel is easy to spot, durable and easy to transport about. It also helps if it’s a good size too! This is why The Samsonite S’Cure Case is one of the best luggage makes for European travel.

The Samsonite S’Cure luggage cases are great because they are light, easy to transport. A 3 point lock is also included for extra safety and there is plenty of packing space for them longer trips. If you are looking for a trustworthy case for your international travels, this is the one for you.


✔️ 4 wheels for easy transit

✔️ Very Waterproof

✔️ Combination lock easy to use

✔️ Reliable option with good quality


❌ Prone to very minor superficial damage

❌ Wheels not as durable as other cases

But, If you want luggage that really stands out…

The American Tourister is one of the most popular cases for international travel. There are so many reasons why this is the best luggage for European Travel if you are travelling internationally. It’s light and resistant material makes it durable and so much easier to do longer travels.

The American Tourister also comes with a 3 digit lock to put your mind as rest. The double wheels will also help you roll through your travels incredibly smoothly. But the best thing about The American Tourister is the amazing colour range you can get your case in. With one of these colours it will be nearly impossible to miss your luggage on the Airport luggage carousel!


✔️ Multiple compartments to separate what you are packing

✔️ Bright and Unique Patterns available

✔️ Travels around with ease

✔️ Case can be expanded

✔️ Easy to spot on conveyor belt


❌ Prone to minor superficial damage

The best case for your toiletries and Make-up

If you are looking for something to organise your stuff for your Europe Travels, the Relavel case will be your best friend. It’s adjustable compartments means it can be used to store anything you want from your toiletries, camera, make-up, shaving kits etc.

The Relavel case is Water, Shock, Wear and Spill proof making it the best luggage organiser for European travel and perfect for those long trips!


✔️ The bag is sturdy and protects all your products

✔️ Fabric is easy to clean

✔️ Dividers are great for separating and sharing case

✔️ Fantastic value for money


❌ XL size is needed to have enough space for all your products

❌ Doesn’t smell great when it arrives so you will need to air it

What is the Best luggage for European Adventure Travel?

If you are looking for the best luggage for European Adventure travel, you have come to the right place!

Your Luggage needs to be durable, weather-resistant and able to withstand anything. The best luggage also has your comfort in mind when you are carrying it. These are the fundamental qualities Adventure luggage has to have.

With all these qualities in mind, the Teton Sports Scouts 3400 is the ultimate luggage for any Adventure Travel Lover. This Backpack is one of the best sellers because of it’s trusted quality, high quality comfort and multiple storage compartments.


✔️ Light, versatile and practical

✔️ Waterproof cover included

✔️ Excellent support, making carrying it for long periods super easy

✔️ Great quality for the price


❌ Sleeping bag compartment doesn’t fit bulky sleeping bags

❌ Not adjustable in width so may be inconvenient if you have wide shoulders

I want Adventure Travel Luggage on a Budget…

If you are looking for the best adventure luggage for European travel on a budget, The Amazon Basics Hiking Backpack is a great option!

Not only can you get this Backpack in 3 different sizes but it is water repellent and includes a waterproof cover for heavy rainfall. This backpack is great for Adventure Travel thanks to its lower back support, airflow channels and padded shoulder straps.


✔️  The fit and ability to adjust fit is excellent

✔️  Plenty of storage compartments

✔️  Excellent quality for the price

✔️  Very strong and durable

✔️  Comfortable to wear for extended periods


❌ Bag is a little heavy on it’s own

What is the best luggage for European travel on a budget?

Many of the best luggage options for European travel have varying price ranges. But if you want travel luggage on a budget, quality is something you shouldn’t compromise on.

The foldable travel duffel bag by WANDF is the best luggage for European travel if you are on a budget. Not only is it everything proof (water, wear and tear proof) but is extremely light. The bag also has a secret waterproof shoe compartment so you can keep anything dirty or wet away from the rest of your luggage.


✔️ Separate shoe compartment avoids clothes getting dirty

✔️ Spacious and Lightweight

✔️ Bag folds down so can be packed away in hand luggage

✔️ Amazing Value for Money


❌ Zippers wear with time

The Best Luggage for European Travel FAQs

You probably still have a few questions about the best luggage for European travel. So to cover all bases, here are the most frequently asked questions:

Can you travel Europe with a suitcase?

best luggage for European travel depends on you, but it is absolutely possible to explore Europe with just a suitcase

Travelling around Europe with a suitcase is absolutely doable! The best luggage for European travel for many is a suitcase. This is because you can fit so much in and is a lot easier to transport about.

🧳 The best suitcase for exploring Europe, I recommendThe American Tourister. For prices and reviews on this case, click here.

Is it better to travel with a backpack or suitcase?

Backpack or Suitcase? That’s a good question! The best luggage for European travel completely depends on you and your plans.

If you are not constantly moving around Europe, want to pack as much as possible and don’t want to have to carry a super heavy bag everywhere, a suitcase is the best option for you.

But if you are constantly wanting to explore, your trip includes lots of walking and need to keep your bag on you a lot, a backpack may be more suitable for you.

🧳 There are so many backpacks on the market it can be hard to buy the best one for your travels. The best backpack for European Travel should be light and super practical, I recommend theTeton Sports Scouts 3400. For prices and reviews on this backpack on Amazon, click here.

How big of a backpack do I need for Europe?

The size of your backpack and luggage for European travel will depend on how long your trip is and of course, what you want to take.

Most backpacks are measured in Litres (L). When purchasing a backpack for your European travels you should aim for anything around 40L-60L. This size range should provide you with plenty of room to pack, but not too big for you to carry around.

🧳 For the best Backpack for exploring Europe, I recommend The Amazon Basics Backpack. You can check out their prices and reviews by clicking here.

How do I pack for a 10 day trip to Europe?

The best way to pack for a 10 day Europe trip is to not assume the weather will be on your side.

If you are planning on visiting different Countries throughout Europe you will need to be prepared for the changing climates and landscapes, no matter what time of year. Here are a few must pack items for your 10 day European Trip:

  1. A rain coat
  2. Suncream
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Reliable Walking shoes/ trainers

What should I pack for two weeks in Europe?

Two weeks in Europe will allow you to see some of the best sites on the continent. To make sure your trip is epic, make sure you pack well. The weather changes drastically from Country to Country in Europe so check the average temperatures for that month before your trip.

In the Winter Months, many destinations will need thick winter coats and boots but there are some places like Portugal and Greece where sun hats may be needed.

best luggage for European travel packing for two weeks

How do I pack for a 3 week trip to Europe?

The best tips for packing for a 3 week Europe trip is to pack light but cover every situation you could possibly be in. You don’t know where your adventures will take you or if the weather will change so it’s best to be prepared.

What size backpack do I need for 3 months?

So you are planning to be exploring Europe for a while? Good on you! The best way to pack for your European travels is to pack for all weathers. You will want to bring back a souvenir or two back from your travels so make sure you leave room in your luggage for that.

best luggage for European travel packing for 3 months

What luggage can you take on Ryanair?

If you are flying to spots around Europe on a Budget, you will most likely use Ryanair. As they are a budget Airline they are hot on weight, sizes and the amount of luggage you can take.

If you only opt for hand luggage, this must be a small personal bag that fits under your seat. But if you need more luggage for your European travel plans, this will need to be purchased. The Ryanair’s bag policy will highlight all the options they have for taking luggage on board.

How do you pack a carry on for Europe?

Lightweight items will be your friend when packing a carry on for Europe. No matter how long you are in Europe for the best things to pack are:

  1. Suncream, sunglasses and a hat
  2. A waterproof coat
  3. A smart outfit if you want to eat somewhere super fancy
  4. T-shirts, Shorts and outfits for the sun
  5. A hoodie or jumper if the nights get cool
  6. Flip Flops for poolsides and beaches
  7. Practical shoes for exploring Cities

The best luggage for European travel sign off: Europe is full of the most amazing things to do so you need luggage that can keep up with your exploring. Having the right luggage for your getaway is such a simple way to make your trip even better.

No matter if you are exploring Europe by Road, Train or Ferry, use this guide to pick the best luggage for You!

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