the ultimate guide to to europes hidden countries for wine

The Best Wine Lovers countries In Europe 2022

Looking for the best wine lovers countries in Europe? This guide has you covered!

There is nothing better than after a long day than finding the perfect place for your favorite tipple. Sometimes you need to just unwined and enjoy a glass of wine. There are so many unique wine lovers countries throughout Europe it can be hard to pick the best place to unwined.

If you are like us and love tasting some local wines that don’t break the bank, Use this guide to find Europe’s best hidden gems and wine lovers countries for wine lovers.

explore some of europes best wine countries with the most incredible views

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1. Stop by Hungary to Unwined

When you type into Google ‘Wine lovers countries’, Hungary is never the first to appear. But full of incredible local wines this is the perfect European destination to unwined (especially if you are on a budget).

Our trip to Budapest surprised me as I had never thought of it as having a huge wine culture.

On a frozen December evening after arriving at the capital we stopped at a bar to get our beer jacket on. As always I ordered a house wine and expected a normal semi dry wine, however, I was mind blown that my order was a large glass of Hungarian wine for under 2 euros. After a day exploring in the elements, this was the best way to unwined!

Hungary is one of the best wine lovers countries in Europe

Hungarian wine is the most perfect desert wine! This type of wine is called Tokaji (if you live in the UK you may have seen is sold in LIDL from time to time). It is from the Tokaj wine region in Hungary (there is also an adjoining region in Slovakia).

Make sure you continue your wine journey with a tasting under the castle where you can explore some of the wine produced by the 22 regions in Hungary.

We simply can not recommend this enough, even if you aren’t a wine lover, it’s simply breathtaking.

The venue is a candle lit old stone room with a variety of tasting options which all come with freshly cooked scones. It is a great way to unwined and spend an afternoon exploring the breathtaking views from the castle. This wine tasting is a must if you are in Budapest.

So get yourself a glass of Tokaji and book your trip! Hungary is one of the few wine lovers countries that is perfect for all types of wine lovers so we can’t recommend it enough!

And if you need a bite to eat in Budapest, look at our post ‘Budapest’s Best Burger’ for the best burger eveeerrr.

2. Looking for wine lovers countries in the sun? stop by Greece

If you are watching the sunset in Athens or sharing a meal in Crete, wine will always be something you remember from your trip.

The amazing thing about Greek wine is that you will always find the perfect wine for your budget and taste. Greece is the perfect Location to Unwined all year round! This is one of the many reasons why Greece will always be one of the best wine lovers countries in Europe.

Greece and it's islands are the best wine lovers countries in europe

Retsina is a must try wine on your trip. This wine is made from pine and truly unique. So make sure you grab a glass to try this authentic Greek wine which has been produced for over 2,000 years. If you want a day out or a change of scenery, book to go to a local vineyard.

A Greek Vineyard is the most magical way to unwined.

The usual cost is about 15 euros each if you go directly to the vineyard, but if you go through an excursion company, you may be paying a bit more.

Our visits to the Greek vineyards have not only given us knowledge of the wine made in Greece but the perfect red wine for those warmer days.

Wine Tasting at Triantafyllopoulos Vineyard Kos Island Greece is a great way to unwined

Even if you are prefer white or red wine, these vineyards tend to have a wine or two for everyone! The perfect way to sample what Greece has to offer.

If you are looking for one of the best wine lovers countries full of hidden gems, you should add Greece to your travel list as it has so much to offer and is the best place to unwined!


If you are in search of wine lovers countries full of surprises, stop by Romania.

We didn’t know what to expect from Romania when we arrived. Another one of our winter trips usually means a lot of food and beer to keep us warm.

romania is a hidden gem for all travelers who love wine, so make sure you add this to your next europe destination to unwined

However, you will instantly fall in love with the wine here and will become one of your favourite wine lovers countries.

If you head to one of the cities, go and find a window seat in a local wine bar. The wine is always amazing and the staff have so much knowledge about the produce, the perfect way to relax & unwined after a busy day.

Glass of White wine Bucharest, Romania is a great way to unwined

4. One of Europes most popular wine lovers countries, France

Sampling wine in the French countryside is always the perfect way to spend an afternoon to unwined. France is one of the most popular and loved wine lovers countries in Europe and you can easily see why.

exploring the local wines throughout france is the best way to unwined

There are endless places to try wine for all tastes and budgets within France.

We were amazed at the quality of wine sold in local supermarkets for such low prices. So why not try picking up a few bottles and doing your own wine tasting when you get back to your accommodation?

make sure you plan to unwined in France on your next Europe adventure

An evening sitting in the French Summer air is the best way to de-stress and unwined. France will always be one of the best wine lovers countries in Europe and beyond.

5. One of the wine lovers countries that will keep you coming back for more, Portugal

Tapas and wine is a great way to spend a night, home or away. After a long day some cheese and a good wine is the ultimate way to unwined.

exploring the streets of portugal is something everyone needs to add to their bucket list, make sure you sample the best local wines too

A trip to Portugal is full of amazing food, history and beaches. but the wine is on another level.

This is the perfect place to try a variety of local wines and just watch the world go by. If you are wanting to visit one of the best wine lovers countries in Europe, you need to add Portugal to your list.

When we visited December 2019 we couldn’t get enough of the hot Sangria they were selling at the Christmas markets. So if you want to unwined with the most stunning views, this is the place for you.

Warm Red Sangria at Lisbon Christmas Markets is the best way to unwined and explore the best wine lovers destination

But if you are looking for something truly unique grab a glass of Vinho Verde, Green wine.

The wine gets its name from it being released only 3-6 months after being harvested, so is known in Portugal as young wine.

Green Wine is produced in Northern Portugal and is Very Crisp and aromatic.

So make sure you head to Portugal on your next wine lovers adventure. It will become you favorite destination to soak up the sun and get your Wine fix.

Portugal is one of the most amazing European destinations, no matter what you want to do. Check out this Free Guide to plan the most amazing Portugal Adventure to one of Europes ultimate wine lovers countries.

🍾 Wine Lovers Countries Sign off: Europe has so many places to unwined, the list is endless. Use this guide to explore the off the beaten track wine lovers Countries across Europe.

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