The Best European Food To Try On Your Next Trip

The Best European Food To Try On Your Next Trip 2022

What is food like in Europe? Just the best!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that European food is in anyway boring or mundane. This continent’s culinary traditions are as rich and varied as anywhere else in the world, and no two dishes are quite the same.

There are so many amazing things about a trip to Europe but the food is probably at the top of the list. Europe is a continent with many different cultures, traditions and of course, food. There are plenty of options for all budgets and tastes.

You can easily eat your way around Europe, nothing is better than having something incredible with a local wine or beer after a long day of exploring.

So no matter if you are planning the ultimate food tour around Europe or wanting to try these dishes at home, this guide has got you covered.

This guide will show you the best food in Europe that you need to try at least once.

Fish And Chips, UK

Ultimately, you cannot explore the best food in Europe without having real Fish and Chips.

When you think of the UK, tea and fish and chips probably spring to mind. And with good reason. Nothing beats a day at the beach with the best fish and chips.

Europe food, Fish and Chips

Like many places in Europe, you will find variations from the classic dishes. Traditionally fish and chips include Cod, Chips, Salt, Vinegar and mushy peas. However, if you venture to Wales or Northern England, you will find many locals love to drench their fish and chips in curry sauce (it’s the best way!).

If you are looking to get some fish and chips when visiting the UK, many chip shops don’t take card payments. So make sure you have some cash on you just incase.

The best food in Europe is comforting, tasty and unforgettable and without a doubt, nothing beats fish and chips after a day of exploring.

Cawl, Wales

Looking for Food in Europe that will warm the soul? Then grab yourself a bowl of traditional Cawl in Wales.

North Wales and South Wales are great destinations to visit if you are in the UK. With many magical coastlines to walk and waterfalls to explore, nothing will help you relax like a bowl full of Cawl.

Europe Food, Cawl

Cawl (pronounced c-a-w-l ) is a hearty Welsh traditional soup that is the national dish of Wales and is best served the day after making it.

The most popular time to visit Wales to enjoy Cawl is the Winter. This dish will warm you from the winter conditions and have you feeling cosy in no time. Grab a piece of bread and butter to dunk into your Cawl and take it to the next level!

This is absolutely the best food in Europe if you are looking to be warmed on a cold winter night and get a taste of Welsh tradition.

Stroopwafels, The Netherlands

Stroopwafels. The perfect food in Europe for those with a sweet tooth.

This traditional Dutch treat is known for its simplicity and great taste. Made from a thin waffle-like batter and sandwiched together with a sweet caramel filling, they are perfect for on the go.

Europe Food, Stroopwafel

The best way to eat this tasty Europe food is to place it on top of a warm drink like tea or coffee. The heat from your drink will make your Stroopwafel go gooey and crisp at the same time.

This is a must try food in Europe, even if you aren’t a fan of sweet treats. For the best one in Amsterdam, try the Lanskroon.

Pizza Margherita, Italy

After a long day of exploring in the sun or a pit stop between sties, nothing beats a traditional Italian Pizza.

Europe Food, Pizza

Pizza is a dish that can be found all around the world. It has various variations in every country. However, pizza from Italy is the most famous one. The crust and toppings are made of fresh tomatoes and flour, which gives it a special taste.

If you are looking for the simplest but most delicious food in Europe this one is for you. It is also a really great option if you are on a budget too!

Jamón ibérico, Spain

When you think of Spain, you probably imagine a long list of delicious foods. It certainly offers some of the most amazing food in Europe.

And Jamón ibérico is definitely one of them.

Europe Food, Jamón ibérico

A lot of people are not too familiar with this product because they have never tried it before and they don’t know what to expect when they do. But once you try it, you will understand why it is so special. The taste of this ham is so rich and full of flavour and the texture is soft and buttery. This is one speciality you need to try.

This air-cured ham and it’s considered one of Europe’s most luxurious foods due to its high price tag. It can cost up to £300 per pound in some stores!

If jamón ibérico is on your bucket list of food to try in Europe and you’re not sure where to start eating it in Spain, look no further than Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel.

Currywurst, Germany

This is absolutely the best street food in Europe.

Currywurst is a German dish that is usually sold by street vendors. It consists of sausage that is cut into slices and then typically fried with curry powder, ketchup, and onions.

Europe Food, Currywurst

In Germany, Currywurst is a popular street food. The dish can be found in almost every part of the country, but it’s most popular in Berlin. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly dishes you can find in Germany.

It is also a really popular food in Europe that you can by in Christmas markets. Nothing warms you up more on them cold nights like a portion of Currywurst.

Byrek, The Balkans

When exploring the Balkan regions there are so many amazing dishes to try. One food you have to try in this part of Europe is Byrek. This food is popular in Europe as it’s budget friendly, super tasty and perfect any time of day.

Europe Food, Byrek

This dish consists of dough that has been rolled into thin circles, filled with cheese, spinach and many other ingredients, then fried in oil. It’s often served as an appetizer or snack and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Before a morning of exploring or a quick pitstop, Byrek is a delicious way to get your energy and the perfect food to have in Europe.

Gyros, Greece

Some of the best food in Europe can be found in Greece and its Islands. One dish you have to try when exploring Europe is Gyros.

Gyros are a great on-the-go food and they are perfect for a quick lunch. They can be found all around the world, but they are always best from the place they originated from, Greece.

Europe Food, Gyros

The word “gyro” comes from the Greek word for “turn,” which describes how the meat is cooked on a rotating spit. This cooking technique can be dated back to ancient Greece, when it was used to cook meat for soldiers on the battlefields.

It is easy to make this dish at home and is best served with a good measure of tzatziki. This ultimate greek meal is best enjoyed with a glass of Mythos or Retsina.

Smazeny Syr, Czechia

Whats better than fried cheese? And you will find the very best in Czechia.

This traditional Czech dish is without a doubt some of the most tasty and more-ish food in Europe.

Europe Food, Smazeny Syr

No matter where you are in Czechia, you will be able to find this delicious dish. From street food vendors to high end bistros, this dish will be popular on their menu.

Served in a bun on the go or as an evening meal, this will be a highlight of all the Europe food you try.

Croque-Monsieur, France

You can’t discuss incredible cheese dishes without mentioning Croque-Monsieur.

This comforting, addictive dish will have you falling in love with Europe. The Croque-Monsieur is a traditional french dish so of course is up there with the best food in Europe.

Europe Food, Croque-Monsieur

It’s made up of two slices of bread, with ham and cheese between them, which are then deep fried or baked. The dish can be served with a number of different sauces, such as béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, or mustard.

The croque-monsieur is typically served as either a snack or a light lunch and it can be eaten hot or cold. It’s typically inexpensive because it only requires the ingredients that are most commonly found in any kitchen – bread, cheese and ham.

If you are looking for some classic food in Europe that is so delicious you will always want more, grab a Croque-Monsieur.

Köttbullar, Sweden

What’s the best part of any trip to Ikea? Of course it’s the incredible meatballs!

Europe Food, Köttbullar, Sweden

But if you want to try the most amazing meatballs that are next level good, stop by Sweden for some Köttbullar.

These are not only a filling and warming dish, they are one of the most loved food dishes in Europe.

Köttbullar are a traditional Swedish dish. They are meatballs, made of ground beef, pork or veal, onions, salt and pepper. The traditional dish of Köttbullar is usually served with lingonberry sauce and potatoes or rice for dinner or lunch.

Churros, Spain

If you have a sweet tooth, Churros will be the best food in Europe for you!

These doughnut like treats are perfect on the go or if you need a pick me up. There are so many reasons why this dish is one of the most popular with visitors to Spain. The sweet cinnamon taste combined with the soft, fluffy centre is something really special.

Europe Food, Churos

The best part of enjoying a Churro is the selection of dipping sauces. Chocolate and Caramel are loved the most as they compliment the warm Churro so well!

Churros are always pretty good quality no matter where you go in Spain. But for the best Churros, make sure they are cooked freshly in front of you. It may take a few minutes but it is so worth it.

FAQs about Europe Food

The food in Europe is some of the best in the world. You probably have a few questions about Europe food before your trip or attempting to make some dishes at home. Here you will find all the frequently asked questions about Europe food in one place.

What is European food called?

European Food is a combination of all the food in Europe. This type of cuisine is commonly called European food or Continental cuisine. In some cases, Continental Cuisine will just refer to the western part of Europe.

What food did Europe invent?

Well Europe has invented lots of different types of Food. Simply go from Country to County in this wonderful continent and you will find lots of traditional dishes. From Choux pastry to Worcester sauce, Europe has a deep and enriched food history.

What is European style cooking?

European style of cooking is a combination of everything and anything that has hit Europe. Europe is such a huge area you will find lots of variation in dishes. If you want to try European cooking, pick a country with food you love!

Europe Food Sign Off: Europe is a continent that has a huge variety of cultures and countries. Each country has its own style of food that can be found across the whole world. Europe has some of the best foods to try out in your life, from Cawl to Jamón ibérico, you can’t go wrong with these dishes!

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