Can I Drink The Tap Water In Italy, Complete Guide

Can You Drink Tap Water In Italy? The Complete 2022 Guide

Before setting off on your trip to Italy you are probably thinking, can you actually drink the tap water in Italy?

Without a doubt Italy is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe, and with good reason. It’s blue waters, cobbled streets and incredible food make this the ultimate destination for many visitors. However, thanks to Italy’s generally good weather, it’s a wonderful place to visit all year round.

No matter if you are travelling to Italy’s most romantic spots or hitting up the best food spots Europe has to offer, it is important to travel safely. The first things that probably spring to mind are what to pack for a trip to Italy and what documents you need. However, it’s pretty important to know if you can actually drink and use the water at your new destination.

You may plan to visit Italy during it’s less busy spring months or aim to taste the best wine on earth during the summer heat. No matter what your Italy and Europe plan is, drinking water is essential. The last thing you will want is to become unwell on your trip.

As a former chemist at a UK water company and frequent traveller, this guide is full of everything you may need to know about drinking water. Use this guide to find out if you can drink the tap water in Italy, no matter where your destination is.

Can You drink tap water in Italy overview

To answer the question can You drink tap water in Italy?, You will be happy to know that it is generally safe to drink tap water all across Italy. It is only in rural locations you may find that you cannot drink the tap water in Italy. If you see a sign stating ‘Acqua non potabile’ above a sink or water source, you cannot drink this water.

an overview of drinking tap water in Italy

Many of the Cities also have drinking fountains throughout them so you can grab a drink on the go. This is a life saver on a busy day of site seeing, especially in the hot summer months.

However, if you want to be sure the water is safe, run the tap for at least 30 seconds. If the water comes out and it clear and odourless, you are good to drink it. This is such a quick and easy water quality test you can do to double check you water.

For those who are still unsure about having a drink of tap water in Italy, bottled water is a fantastic alternative. You can pick these up for fairly cheaply and you will always have plenty of options. If you are unsure of which to buy, San Benedetto and San Pellegrino are probably up there with the most popular brands you can buy.

Tap water in public places in Italy

Throughout the major Cities and Towns, You will find plenty of places to drink tap water in Italy thanks to the multiple fountains. If you ask a local where the nearest drinking fountain is so you can drink tap water in Italy, they will direct you to a nasoni or fontanella.

drinking tap water in public places in Italy

These are really popular, especially in Rome where there are thousands. Not only are they perfect for getting drinking water on the go but is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. They are also a great way to save you money from constantly buying bottled water (it all adds up!).

Do you need a water filter in Italy?

As you can drink tap water in most places across Italy with no issues, you don’t need to pack a water filter. Italy has a good water treatment system which makes the majority of drinking water across this popular destination safe to drink.

However, if you want to make sure the tap water you drink in Italy is 100% safe or you want to improve the taste, you can always use a filter.

Tap water vs bottled water?

You may be thinking, which do I drink, tap or bottled water in Italy?

should i drink bottled or tap water when visiting Italy

Many find Tap water is cheaper and cleaner than bottled water. This is as tap water is a natural resource that is free to use, while bottled water requires resources to be manufactured and transported. Tap water is not only free but a great way to help reduce your travel emissions. Bottled water also has a shorter lifespan than tap water.

There are lots of different brands of bottled water, so it gives you a lot of choice. This is great but you may go through a lot of brands before you find the one you actually like the taste of.

However, bottled water is a great way to know that the water you drink in Italy is safe. So there are pro’s and con’s to both tap and bottled water. Even though you can drink tap water in Italy, it can be always handy to have a bottle of water on you just incase. So bottled or tap, the option is completely yours!

Can you drink tap water in Italy hotels?

You can drink tap water in hotels across Italy. This also includes using it to brush your teeth, wash and take medication.

can you drink the water in hotels across Italy?

In very rare cases, the hotel will let you know when you are checking in or during your stay if you cannot drink the tap water. This issue is easily overcome by boiling some water or buying some bottled water. Most hotels will provide you with bottles of water during your stay if you are unable to drink the tap water there.

Which Parts Of Italy Can You Drink The Tap Water?

It is safe to drink the tap water throughout Italy. However, to make sure you can drink the tap water in your next destination in Italy, here are a list of the most popular destinations:

Which Parts Of Italy Can You Drink The Tap Water?

Can you drink tap water in Venice?

✔️ The tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Venice.

Can you drink tap water in Rome?

✔️ Drinking tap water in this part of Italy is perfectly safe. There are loads of free water fountains around the City too which makes it so much easier to grab a drink quickly.

Can you drink tap water in Milan?

✔️ Like most places across Italy, the tap water is perfectly sate to drink here as well.

Can you drink tap water in Florence?

✔️ Florence’s tap water is safe for all visitors and residence to drink.

Can you drink tap water in Verona?

✔️ Verona is another popular destination in Italy where it is safe to drink the tap water. Tap water across Italy is monitored frequently so you will be told if it not safe to drink.

The FAQs about can you drink the tap water in Italy?

As you can drink tap water almost anywhere across Italy, keeping safe and hydrated is pretty easily. However, you may have a few questions about drinking water for your trip to Italy. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding drinking the water in Italy:

frequently asked questions about the water in italy

Can I brush my teeth with Italian tap water?

Not only can you drink the tap water in Italy, but you can safely and easily use it to brush your teeth.

If you are ever concerned or not sure if the water is safe to use, run the tap first. If the water is clear with no scent coming from it, you will have no problems. However, if you are in a more remote location and you are still not sure, check with your hotel or use bottled water.

 How Can I Get Free Water in Italy?

Many cities and major towns across Italy have drinking fountains. This is an easy way to get free water when visiting Italy.

If you are wanting Free tap water when eating out, make sure you state to the waiting staff that you want to drink tap water. This is usually free. If you don’t state you want tap water, then you will be provided with bottled water and there will be a charge.

Is European tap water safe to drink?

This honestly depends on where you are in Europe. Even though you can generally drink the tap water in Italy with no issues, this isn’t the case all over Europe.

It’s best to ask your hotel if you can drink the tap water in the country you are visiting. The last thing you want is to be really unwell on your trip. If you want to be really sure, the best thing to do is to stick to drinking bottled water you can buy from a local supermarket.

Can you drink tap water in Italy sign off: You will find that you can drink tap water in Italy with no issues. However, to make sure the tap water you are going to use is safe, make sure it runs clear. Use this guide to travel safely in Italy and find them free spots to grab tap water on the go.

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