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Annual Leave-How to make the most of your time off

Booking annual leave off work always makes people happy. The best is taking a long period off so you can make the most of a new adventure. However it can start to feel that every year you are saving all your annual leave for one trip.

Here are some quick ways on how to make the most of your annual leave by taking more trips for less annual leave.

Weekend Trips

Booking a long weekend means you only have to take 2 days off for 4 days annual leave, this is perfect for exploring a new city.

Weekend trips are a great way to use your annual leave

Also using Skyscanner to book your flights means you can look at which weekend of the month will be the cheapest for you to fly.

Skyscanner is amazing for helping you make the most of your annual leave because you can see what the flight times are really easily. So if you pick a flight in the evening, you can avoid taking Friday off as annual leave.

Bank Holidays

For Adventure seeking trips or for a Holiday where you want to relax for as long as possible, always book these to include bank Holidays.

Include Bank Holiday days when booking annual leave

This is as you will get a few extra days that you won’t need to take as annual leave. We recommend that you don’t book your trip to start on the bank holiday as flights tend to be more expensive, so try and get the bank holiday days to fall towards the middle of your trip.

The Mid Week Adventures

When Booking a 7 day escape, many people tend to go Monday-Monday. Due to Flight Times you can end up taking 8 days annual leave for a 7 day trip. So booking your trip during the week can mean taking less days off for the same amount of time.

booking mid week flights are really cheap and the best way to make the most of your annual leave

Did you know booking your annual leave Mid-Week means cheaper Flights? Traveling Mid Week not only helps you save some Money but gives you more days to play with.

Be Spontaneous

This may not work for everyone but this is how we have saved a lot of money over the years. We tend to book our annual leave off during low-season traveling times. This means that hotels and flights are so much cheaper.

being spontenous means flights are so much cheaper to book, cheap flights will help you make the most of your annual most

However we may not have a set destination until a few days before our trip. We have noticed the closer you get to your annual leave, the flight prices will be a lot lower. So every few days keep looking on Skyscanner and other sites and look at what the flight/holiday prices are looking like. From this you should be able to see where is the cheapest place to visit. Just remember to clear your search each time as some sites will remember your visit.

Check out this free guide on booking cheap trips to save more money.

Travel at Off Peak Times

The Summer Months mean warmer weather, Children Home from School and a surge of people trying to book annual leave off work. With Most of the Work Force trying to get this time off, you are more likely to have your request turned down. And if you request is accepted for this time, you may have to compromise and take less days off.

Traveling in May is a great time for budgeting money and annual leave days

If you are able to travel at Off Peak Times (Before June), not only are you more likely to have your request accepted by work but you will most likely be able to take off the exact amount of time you want.

Fly Local

Booking your Flights from an international Airport can be a lot cheaper, even if this means a 4 hour drive. As good as getting the best deal is, this can leave you adding on extra time and maybe even losing a few days of annual leave just to get the the Airport.

Flying Local is a great way to save time and make the most of your annual leave

To keep your traveling times as low as possible, look out for deals from your Local Airport. These deals will have you saving your annual leave for your next trip and so much less tired from traveling!

Unfortunately things don’t always work out this way. Your Local Airport may not fly to your destination and if it does, it may include a stop over destination. So if you have to travel hours for your flight, think about how you are going to get there.

If you love kicking back and relaxing when getting to the Airport, public transport is always the answer. However with late flight times and delays, this isn’t always to quickest way to travel. So if you don’t want to waste Annual Leave days to get the train, it’s definitely worth driving to the Airport Yourself!

Want to find more ways on how to travel for cheaper?

With bills to pay it is so important that we make sure save money when travel. We have now become experts on simple ways your holiday can cost a lot less. So We wanted to share our money saving tips because they actually work! Check out some of our other posts on how to save money when traveling.

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