The Ultimate budget trip tips to fill your year with wanderlust

When working full time with bills to pay, wanderlust is something hard to get. If you love traveling but have other commitments, it can sometimes be hard to have both.

Over the years we have found some really useful ways that we can travel a lot by keeping costs low.

Here are some of our best budget trip tips that will save you hundreds off your next trip :

budget trip tips

1.Don’t pay for flight extras like sitting together

When planning a trip, start by trying to find the cheapest flights possible. This is one of the first budget trip tips you will find in the guides, but this usually results in flying budget.

With many budget flights these days you often have to pay to sit together. However when you do the maths you could be paying an extra an eye watering £80 for a 3 hour flight.

This is one of the easiest budget trip tips to do straight away!

budget trip tips

2.Only take hand luggage if possible

This is one of the best budget trip tips for anyone wanting to save money when booking a trip because it’s so easy to do!

If you are only going on a trip for a few days, pack light.

budget trip tips

The additional cost of having a suitcase can seriously dent your budget. This is as you have to pay for your case on both your outward and return flights, however a carry on bag is free.

If you do need that extra case for your trip, there are sometimes deals with the airline so keep an eye out for these.

We live by only taking hand luggage if we can because it’s one of the budget trip tips that always saves us money.

3. Travel at off peak times

This is one of the budget trip tips that will change the way you travel forever!

Flying off peak is one of the best budget trip tips that allows you to travel all year round

Booking flights and hotels at off peak times of the year are amazing for your budget.

With many people planning trips during the summer periods, costs get significantly higher. So why not try going somewhere off season?

if you do your research right you can go to locations with the perfect weather for half the price.

This is one of our most used budget trip tips as traveling off peak saves us so much we can book more trips!

4.Make sure travel sites aren’t remembering your visits

When you are looking at your next trip you will be visiting many sites, some more than others.

However did you know that some sites will remember your visits?

the secrets to keeping holiday and trip costs low

This is one of budget trip tips that people are always shocked by.

If you are constantly visiting the same site, you may notice the price of your Holiday going up and up. To avoid this happening and to get the best deal make sure your searches are not being remembered.

Try Incognito mode, this is the most simple and effective thing you can do. Searching through Incognito mode means no cookies or local storage are being held by sites.

5.Airport parking v public transport to the Airport

This is one of the budget trip tips people ignore, but it one that makes your travels so much easier!

Many people assume that airport parking is incredibly expensive so opt to get a taxi or public transport (We were guilty of doing this a lot!)

budget trip tips

However, airports have constant deals which work out cheaper and more convent than public transport, especially if there is a group of you.

Using these deals could save you easily £20+ before your trip has even started.

6.Fly Drive Trips and Car Rental

Want some budget trip tips that will add more adventure into your life?

Well Fly Drives and Car Rentals are a great way to explore a new place and save you money.

This is one of the top budget trip trips that will fill your trip full of adventure and save you a lot of money!

Highway Road In Jordan is an amazing fly drive holiday. fly drives are perfect for anyone who wants to explore a new place on a budget

You can see a lot of a country in a short amount of time, see places off the beaten track whilst keeping costs down.

The use of a car cuts down significantly on the expensive airport transfer fees and other transport expenses you would need on your trip.

7.Book accommodation outside of city and not near tourist attractions

Waking up to a view of a landmark does sound magical. But do you really want to be paying top dollar for a room you will use to wash and sleep in?

This is a one of the best budget trip tips because it will save you money on every single trip!

budget trip tips

Try using booking. Com and other comparison sites to book accommodation slightly away from the tourist attractions.

Booking a hotel slightly outside of these touristy places can save you a lot of money and inspire you to find places locals love.

This is one of the easiest budget trip trips that will save you a serious amount of cash straight away!

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