off the beaten track kos experiences for everyone visiting the island

7 Amazing Off the Beaten Track Kos Experiences

Kos Island is one of the Greek Island’s best kept secrets. With it’s amazing views and blue waters, it’s a great destination for all. There is so much to do here but for a totally unique trip, use this guide to see the best off the beaten track Kos experiences.

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🌊 For those who are arriving to/ from Kos by Ferry or want to do some Island Hopping, check out this guide. It includes everything you may need to know including Ferry times and how to purchase your tickets.

The Best Tours In Kos Island

1. Try the Homemade Lemonade with the best views in Kos

If you are looking for a taste of rustic Greece with the most incredible views, make a stop at the Oria Taverna by Pyli Castle. This was without a doubt, our favorite off the beaten track Kos experience.

oria taverna is the best thing to dooff the beaten track kos

Not many people know about this taverna and it is so surprising because it’s just amazing. The rustic setting overlooking the rugged landscape gives you the ultimate taste of Kos Island.

When looking for Taverna’s in the Pyli area, this taverna isn’t normally found on the tourist sites. This means you get a true off the beaten track Kos experience and it’s pretty quiet. It’s usually full of locals or walkers who have stumbled upon it so it’s pretty chilled.

oria taverna kos is the perfect blend of rustic greece and the perfect stop on any Kos adventure

Try the Homemade Lemonade here as you admire the views and you will easily see why this is the most amazing place to stop.

🏺Where is the Oria Taverna?: When visiting the Castle in Pyli there is a path that forks off. If you pick left you go to the Castle, If you go right you will find the Taverna.

Oria Taverna offers the best view over Kos island and is the ultimate off the beaten track experience to do in Kos

Oria Taverna is the best off the beaten track Kos experience for anyone wanting to see the island at it’s best and get a true taste of Greece.

2. Tuck into some Tzatziki and Watch the Sun Set

You are probably thinking “I can get Tzatziki anywhere in Greece”. And you are right. But there is no better way to catch the best sunset over Kos than from the hidden cafe in Zia.

stroll through the streets of zia to find the best place to watch the sunset

The Mountain town of Zia is 16 KM from Kos town is full of charm, tavernas, crafts and a great place to visit for all.

Many tours and visitors flock to the town of Zia for one reason, to catch the best views of the sunset.

Zia gets super busy at Sunset so getting a bus transfer here is a great option. Not only will you be guaranteed to see the sunset, you don’t have to worry about parking (spaces fill up pretty quickly!)

If you want to enjoy Zia on your own terms but convenient bus pickup service to and from your Hotel, the get your guide service is the one for you! This service is fantastic as your driver will check what time the sun is setting that day and base your pick up time on that.

As you walk into the town you will notice the first few restaurants and viewing points are incredibly busy. So if you want the best off the beaten track place in Kos to see the sunset, visit The Watermill of Zia.

walk through zia town to catch the best sunset over kos

The Watermill Cafe offers the best dips with a view. for 5 Euros you can get so much bread and Tzatziki to watch the sunset. This is the ultimate way to avoid the crowds and get the best snaps of the sun setting over Kos.

What better way to relax at the end day than to tuck into Greece’s tastiest dip at the most vibrant cafe which is off the beaten track in Zia, Kos.

To find the Watermill Cafe just stroll through the cobbled main street of Zia and head up the steps. This colourful Cafe is hard to miss and the best off the beaten track place to enjoy the Sunset in Kos.

the sunset over the charming greek town of zia is the best place to visit off the beaten track

3. Stroll Through the Grape Vines at Kos Island’s Vineyards

For the ultimate off the beaten track Kos experience, take a stroll through Kos Island’s Vineyards.

if you are looking for an off the beaten track activity to do in Kos, make sure you stop by the vineyards

You can arrange to visit the Vineyards through tours but if you want to save money and have a more bespoke, intimate visit, arrange it yourself.

Most of the vineyards you can just turn up and pay for a tour or wine tasting. If you have ever wanted to visit a vineyard, visiting them on a trip to Kos is the best way to do it!

Wine tasting is the best way to spend an afternoon exploring Kos

An afternoon exploring the vineyards is one of the totally unique off the beaten track activities Kos has to offer.

4. Visit the Byzantine Castle of Old Pyli

Kos Island, the home of Hippocrates is oozing with History. When many people visit the Island they stop by the plane tree of Hippocrates or Asklepieion, the World’s first hospital.

(If you are wanting to visit these places, check out this guide).

But if you want an off the beaten track activity in Kos full of History and incredible views, stop by the Byzantine Castle.

a visit to the castle of pyli in kos is a great way to spend a day

Old Pyli or Paleo Pyli is where you will find the hilltop ruins of the 11th-12th century fortress. The walk up to the fortress is rugged but the views are totally worth it. Just make sure you are wearing good footwear.

the ruins of pyli castle are the perfect off the beaten track kos activities

The parking and entry here is free. Also as it is one of the most off the beaten track Kos locations, it is not full of tourists.

the ruins in pyli, kos is one of the best off the beaten track activities to do

Walking around these ruins feels like stepping into Greek history. There are so many points of interest to see before reaching the ruins. If you are visiting during the Summer season, visit here in the morning where the temperatures are cooler.

This is one of the off the beaten track Kos locations you do not want to miss.

5. Go Souvenir Shopping in Kardamena

No trip to Kos is complete without checking out the local crafts and products created here. For the most unique gifts that are off the beaten track in Kos, stop by Kardamena.

As Greece is famous for it’s Olive’s, get the best souvenir at the Olive Shop. This shop is full of everything and anything you can think of made from local, organic olives.

Kos is full of amazing olive prodcuts, kardamenia is a great place to find them

Kardamena is a great town to stroll through, check out the local products and grab a bite to eat. If you are looking for a change of pace from Kos Town, this off the beaten track town in Kos is a must visit.

6. Take a Dip in the Thermal Waters

Did you know you don’t have to fly all the way to Iceland to enjoy a hot spring? That’s right, there is a spot in Kos!

This is one of the most amazing off the beaten track Kos activities you can do. So why not go off the beaten track and swap the sandy beaches of Kos for dip in Therma.

Therma hot springs is a great place to visit off the beaten track kos

The Therma Hot Springs and Beach can be found 10kms away from Kos Town. Here you will find a pool area which has been created where the hot springs appear by the sea.

A trip to the Therma Hot Springs is one off the beaten track Kos Island experiences you really won’t forget!

7. Bite into the Oldest Biscuits on Kos Island

Make sure you stop by The Traditional Windmill Of Antimachia to taste the most amazing biscuits. These are made at the Mill, the oldest and only one in use on Kos Island. This off the beaten track Kos experience will have you fall head over heels for the Island.

The Traditional Windmill of Antimachia is the best off the beaten track activity for all on Kos Island

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🇬🇷 Off the beaten track Kos sign off: Kos Island is full of so many amazing things to do. Use this guide for your trip to step away from the crowds and experience the ultimate off the beaten track locations on Kos Island.

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