Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle

The Ogmore Stepping Stones and Ogmore Castle: The Complete Guide

Ancient ruins, river views and uncrowded sites. If you are looking for a truly unique day out that doesn’t cost a penny, stop by Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle. This historic site near Bridgend, South Wales is a hidden gem that is absolutely worth visiting.Use this guide to plan the best trip to Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle.

Where are the stepping stones in Ogmore?

If you are exploring South Wales, the stepping stones are a great spot to spend an hour or two.

You will find Ogmore Stepping Stones right by Ogmore Castle on the River Ewenny. Just walk to the edge of the Car park towards the water and you will see the stones sitting in the River.

The easiest way to get there is to take the M4 to Bridgend then take the B4265 to Ewenny. Use the Postcode: Ogmore Castle, Bridgend CF32 0QP for the best directions from your starting point.

Is Ogmore Castle free?

A visit to Ogmore Castle is completely free! There is also no need to pre-book so You can just turn up. Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle is usually a pretty quiet spot. However on a sunny day, it can become a bit more crowded.

Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle

Is there free parking at Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle?

You will find a completely free car park at Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle. Just be warned, it is pretty prone to flooding so you won’t be able to access it when it’s been raining heavily.

The car park can only take between 10-12 cars, so on a busy day you might struggle to park. However, this is really rare and there are plenty of other parking options near-by if you can’t find a space.

If you are looking for more Castles to Explore in Wales, There are plenty of free or toured options. If you are looking for the most scenic one, explore Pembroke and Snowdonia.

Are dogs allowed on Ogmore Castle?

Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle are both dog friendly. This is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk and for a splash in the river.

You will often see horses by the castle and stepping stones as there is ridding stable very close by. So if you have an anxious dog or one that isn’t the best at recall, it’s best to keep your dog on a lead. Also as it’s Wales, there could be a few sheep on your visit too.

Things to do by Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle

There are plenty of things to do at Ogmore Castle and in the surrounding area that will make your trip amazing. Here are some of the best things to do:


✔️Southerndown Beach

✔️Methyr Mawr Sand Dunes

✔️The Pelican Pub

And If you are wanting to visit more Castles when you are in the Bridgend area, here are some of the must visit Castles:



✔️Candleston Castle

✔️Dunraven Castle

What happened Ogmore Castle?

Ogmore Castle has had it’s fair share of action over the years. It was built in the 1100’s with Coity and Newcastle for Norman protection. The castle was attacked by the Welsh in 1116 but wasn’t destroyed. It was In the early 15th century during theOwain Glyndŵr uprising where Ogmore Castle received a lot of damage.

Can you cross the river Ogmore?

There are several spots where you can cross the river Ogmore safely.

Ogmore Stepping Stones

Ewenny river, where you find Ogmore stepping stones and castle, is a tributary of the River Ogmore. You can easily cross the Ewenny River via the stepping stones. However, if there has been heavy rainfall the river gets more dangerous to cross and the stepping stones disappear.

Ogmore Castle to Ogmore Beach

It is a 5 minute drive from Ogmore stepping stones and Castle to Ogmore Beach. There is plenty of parking at Ogmore Beach but you have to pay. If you are looking to save some money and admire the Welsh Landscape, you can walk. This walk is incredibly scenic and takes about 6 miles (10KM). If you are planning this walk, keep a close eye on the tidal times.

Ogmore Stepping Stones and Castle Sign off: This part of Wales is incredible scenic, has lots to do and is full of history. Use this guide to plan and make the most of any visit to Ogmore stepping stones and Castle.

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