Is Malta Nice? 9 Reasons to make this your next Holiday Destination

Europe has so many amazing places to visit, with endless options for holiday goers. With so many options, it can be a hard decision to pick where to visit next.

We are totally obsessed with Europe ( We have Currently Visited more than 52% of it) and finding incredible destinations. This is how we discovered the Magic of Malta.

When people have asked about our trip to Malta we always get asked the same question, “Is Malta Nice?”. So check out our 9 reasons on why you need to make Malta your next Holiday Destination.

We have also included a free Map so you can have a look at some of Malta’s best Holiday Destinations!

1. The Weather

Is Malta Nice all year round? The Climate in Malta is typically Mediterranean consisting of Mild winters and Hot summers. However with around 300 Sunny days per year, Malta is perfect to Visit all year round!

Paradise Bay, Malta
Paradise Bay, Malta

It has also become an increasingly popular Winter break for those wanting to escape the Cold. But if you are wanting to feel Mediterranean heat at its peak, we suggest visiting after May.

We like to explore places in slightly cooler temperatures so we visited in May. We felt this was a perfect time because there were less tourists than the summer months, Flights were very cheap and the sun was constantly shinning.

The temperature during May are around 21 degrees so perfect for lots of walking and exploring.

Maltese summers are typically dry so if you want to see Malta in full bloom, the best time to visit is April/May.

The weather being so nice in Malta all year round is amazing, giving Holiday Goers a reason to pack their bags all year round!

2. Exploring has never been so Easy

Is Malta Nice to Explore? Well Malta has really outdone itself on making everything so accessible. From getting a bus to finding tourist hot spots, you will never struggle here. This makes going out and about so much more less stressful, especially if you are on a family trip.

Visit Malta if you want a destination that is perfect for everyone

If you want to Explore Malta, even if its just for a day, make sure you rent a car. We rent cars all the time on our trips so we have become somewhat experts on it. And In Malta, the whole process was a breeze.

Personally, I’m not a very confident driver when abroad but in Malta is was made so much easier.

Just like the UK, they drive on the left too! So there is no stress of going around the roundabout the wrong way or triple checking you are on the right side of the road. This made Malta so nice to drive and navigate around!

Malta has so many amazing things to do and very easy to drive around, Malta is the perfect Holiday Destination for everyone

The main Island isn’t huge so you can see a lot of things in just a few hours.

This is so perfect if you are high paced travelers like us. Malta is such a pretty place too, so makes a very scenic drive! Malta also has two other Islands which are Gozo and Comino.

Gozo is every nature lovers dream and an amazing destination for all. You will be telling everyone how nice Malta is after your visit!

Gozo is a dream destination everyone can visit on a Budget.

To visit here from Malta’s main Island you will need to get the Ferry.

It has multiple crossings daily and only takes 25 minutes. This ferry is great as it is for everyone, from single passengers to cars & motorbikes.

This site here is amazing for checking out when the next ferry is and the ticket fee. For a single passenger you will be looking at paying around 4 Euros (2021).

👉 Check out our Instagram Reel to see why you need to take the Ferry to Gozo.

3. Malta is English Speaking

As much as you can practice your key phrases for your trip, Sometimes things can get lost in translation.

It happens all the time and can make simple tasks a lot harder. But did you know Malta is English speaking? We didn’t know until we were planning our trip and it made our plans go a lot smoother.

popeye village Malta is the perfect day out for all and has some amazing spots near by to explore

4. From Budget Friendly to Pure Luxury, Malta has it all

Is Malta Nice to Visit with Any Budget? …Well When we travel we try to budget as much as we can to keep our costs low. However sometimes this can lead to unloved accommodation and basic meals.

Malta is the perfect destination for whatever your budget.

Malta is the perfect destination for every single budget and another reason why you need to add it to your next holiday list

Even though we weren’t spending a fortune on accommodation everywhere we stayed was just amazing. I couldn’t get over how little we paid for the quality we saw.

Malta is one of our favorite European destinations because of how cheap it is to fly there. In May 2019 we flew from Cardiff Airport to Malta and back for £30 each.

This is such good value and if you are going as a family, it will save you some serious dollar!

Malta is one of the cheapest places to fly to in Europe so great for travelers on a budget

✈️ To see the cheapest times to fly, use Skyscanner.

To travel on a budget we find we don’t always do things or eat in places we want to because we can’t afford it. There will be times where I skipped on having a cocktail by the beach just to keep our costs down.

Yet in Malta ,we went everywhere we wanted too.

We are not saying that it is super cheap but it is so reasonable. Sometimes tourist attractions will charge a fortune because they know they can, this simply isn’t the case in Malta.

So whatever your budget, Malta is nice and has something for everyone. If you want to know how to plan your trip and keep costs low, check out our key money saving tips.

5. Insta Worthy Scenes

Is Malta Nice for the perfect Picture? You will be happy to know that the views you will see around Malta and the Other Islands will leave you in awe.

Wied il ghasri valley and Wiel-il-Mielah window in Gozo
Wied il ghasri valley and Wiel-il-Mielah window in Gozo

We promise that you will not put your camera down here! From the sandy beaches to the cityscapes of Valletta, Malta will be one of the most mesmerizing places you will visit. So make sure you book your next trip here to take some of the most amazing photos.

Malta and it's surrounding Islands offer some of the best views in Europe, making this the perfect place for your Next Holiday

If you want to be getting them likes on your social media, Make sure you visit Wied il ghasri valley and Wiel-il-Mielah window in Gozo!

6. Malta has something for everyone

Is Malta Nice for Families & Couples? We all know that Everyone has a preference on how they want to spend their trips. Some prefer days of lying on the beach, others want to become the ultimate urban explorer. But what if I told you that you could have it all?

need a reason to visit Malta? well here are 9 reasons to visit Malta

If you are traveling as a couple, family or on your own, Malta has it all! On one day of our Malta adventure we visited a Castle, went shopping in Valletta, Caught some rays at the beach and had a few Cocktails.

If that was all done in one day, imagine the things you could achieve in 1 week?!

And the best bit for us was you are not driving for hours and hours just to reach one attraction. So you are able to see so much in one day, the best way to keep everyone happy! This makes Malta a nice destination for all, no matter what you want to do.

7. Food Envy

Is Malta Nice for Foodies? Food is a pretty important part of any trip.

We love trying new things and being able to experience a culture just through their food. There have been a few times I have wanted to pack up and move to a Country because the food was soooooo good.

And Malta was at the top of the list.

Not only is the food amazing but the views from the Restaurants and bars are out of this world.

Malta Food Envy, Malta is the perfect destination for everyone who loves food

🔈 Big shout out to all the Seafood lovers out there, Malta is where you need to be!

One evening we were in a restaurant and Jamie ordered Sea Bass. To our amazement someone then left the restaurant and headed to the docks to find the freshest Sea Bass they could.

This is just a testament to how fresh all the food is in Malta.

And if you aren’t a Seafood Lover? Great news! Malta has so much option we promise you will never struggle to find something amazing.

So make sure you take lots of snaps to make your followers green with Food Envy.

Grab your Free ultimate Foodies guide to keep your costs low.

8. The People are Extremely Friendly

Is Malta Full of Nice People? Absolutely!

Meeting a local or two can completely change your impression of a place.

And the people of Malta will make you fall completely in love with it.

From offering recommendations for the best wine spots ,to must see Historical sites, they could never do enough. The kindness of everyone in Malta is why we will never stop recommending it as a magical holiday destination.

9. Souvenirs like no other

Malta is so nice for those who love shopping !

Malta has also perfected the art of blown glass for centuries. The pieces you can see in the shops are so unique.

There are a few places where you can see glass being blown and it’s one of the best things we have ever done! Mdina is Malta’s most famous glass production companies and is a must visit!

Malta offers the perfect souvenirs to remember your trip from handmade soaps to bags. Shopping on the Island really is worth parting with your Cash!

The Salt flats is something you need to visit on a Trip to Malta and will have you telling everyone how nice malta is

Tip: Make Sure you Visit the Salt Pans in Gozo and get your hands on some from the gift shop to bring back home. The perfect way to remember how nice Malta Was!

A Map Of Some Of Malta’s Best Holiday Destinations

To Explore, Just Click On the Yellow Suns ☀️

Is Malta Nice Sign Off: Malta has so much to offer no matter what type of break you want, so what are you waiting for? Book your Magical Malta Trip now!

Hmmm…I’m still not convinced🧐 …Well If this is the case make sure you Click Here to see more of what Malta has to offer!

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