Achieve Wanderlust:Keeping your Destination costs low

So you have arrived at your destination and are in holiday mode. It can be so easy to overspend everyday of your trip. But for many Travelers it is important to keep your trip costs low. So if you are like us in that constant treat yourself mode, here are some tips on keeping your destination costs low as well as achieving that wanderlust feeling.

1. Free walking tours

Get your walking shoes on, this is the perfect way to explore a new place for free!

By joining one of these tours you can explore a city and gain knowledge from a local. Often when we turn up to somewhere we want to literally see everything and don’t know where to start first, so a walking tour is our first go to.

Free Walking Tours are an amazing way to explore a new city, especially if you are on a budget

These tours are offered in a range on different languages and take you around the main attractions. The main reason these are so good is if you are on a tight schedule you can see the bulk of attractions in a small amount of time. Also as they are free this means you have more money to spend on treating yourself! This is such an easy way of keeping your destination costs low.

Tip: If your Destination offers Free Tours the best way to find them is from your Accommodation. So ask your Hotel/Hostel/Host for more Info!

2. Free Food tours

When visiting Sofia, Bulgaria we joined a free food tour and it was just amazing.

Our local guide took us to unique restaurants that were popular with locals ranging from Vegan fast food to a traditional Bulgarian. These places were off the beaten track and away from the tourist attractions so were very good value for money.

Also the best bit was each place offered free samples! We were so full after these samples we didn’t need lunch so saved some cash there. Ever since this we constantly look for Free Food Tours as they are an amazing way of keeping your destination costs low.

Walking Tour Tradiational Restaurant Sofia
Sign of traditional Bulgarian Restaurant in Sofia.

3. Get a Metro pass that lasts a few days rather than single trips

This is such an easy way to save money when you are exploring a new city and will help with keeping your destination costs low.

Using the Metro is a great way of keeping your destination costs low

Instead of getting a return ticket for each journey, get a 24hr/48 hr ticket. With the ticket being valid for a day or two it means you can use the metro like a hop on hop off bus.

Also with some airport fees being very high we tend to buy our ticket at the end of our trip so we can include traveling to the airport.

Tip: When traveling by Metro just make sure you validate your ticket as some places are very hot on fining you.

4.Is it cheaper to drive or get local transport for an excursion?

You will be able to find lots of companies that offer excursions to popular attractions but these are not always the best value for money.

Using Public Transport to visit places is a such an easy way keeping your destination costs low

So if there is somewhere you desperately want to see, check if getting public transport and buying your ticket to the attraction is cheaper than going with an excursion company (most of the time it is). Renting a car for the day is a top way of keeping your destination costs low when on your trip.

5.Eat at places that aren’t near tourist attractions

Honestly this is one of our top tips for keeping your destination costs low (and will save you so much money).

Eating away from city centers and main tourist attractions is a great way of keeping your destination costs low

The prices are usually so much cheaper away from these tourist attractions, even if its just a few streets away. So if you are looking for a bite to eat, make sure you stroll a few streets away from the main attractions. Just by walking a few minutes away from the key attractions you will see the price of your meal drop a lot!

Using The Trip Advisor Map for Restaurants is the best way of keeping your destination costs low when Eating out. It will show you how expensive the restaurants and cafes are near you so you can take your pick!

🍔 Did you know that asking for a Menu in your Holiday locations native language can save you so much money? Click here to find out how

For more tips for keeping your destination costs low when eating out around Europe, Take a look at the Foodies Ultimate Guide for Saving Money.

Traditional Coffee and Baklava- Mostar, taking this coffee break was such a great way of keeping your destination costs low
A Coffee and Baklava Break before Visiting Mostar Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. Use a Good Debit/Credit Card

Many People now don’t like taking lots of cash around with them when they are traveling. It can be so hard to keep on top of how much cash you have and can be lost easily. So taking a credit/debit card is now becoming the best option. But for keeping your destination costs low when using a money card, you need to do your research.

using a card with the best transaction fees is a great way of keeping your destination costs low when traveling

When Taking out Cash Abroad, the transaction fee’s can add up. So make sure you use the best card for to avoid these extra charges.

Revolut is a great Card for using on Holiday as you can Top it up from your Phone and it shows you the exchange rate.

There are so many ways you can save money when planning a holiday, so make sure you check out these Free Guides to save even more money!

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