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Lucky 7 Burgers: Go and Find the best Budapest Burger

Who doesn’t love a Burger? From Gourmet Fine Dining to Street Food Stalls, Burgers will forever be popular. But did you know Budapest offers some of the Best Burgers you could imagine? So if you are ever exploring Budapest, you need to find Budapest’s Best Burger at Lucky 7 Burgers!

This post will tell you exactly why you need to visit Lucky 7 Burgers & All the Information you may need for your visit. There is also a Ready to use Map included so you are ready to go and find the Best Budapest Burger!

Budapest’s Burger Scene

Budapest is a haven for food lovers. All you have to do is look on trip advisor and you have SOOO many options from fine dinning to street food. We are super high paced when in a city as we want to see everything and everything, so often we want a quick and filling meal to keep us going.

For us our go to tends to involve burgers. This means that every country we hit, there is always a burger or two discovered. However, we have never been able to find burgers like the ones in Budapest. Budapest so far has offered the best burgers and here is where to find them.

People have raved about the trio burger which you will find in most Metro stations in the city. We don’t usually grab food at metro stations but what a game changer. The food was quick, cheap and high quality, which we were not expecting at all. The absolute perfect option for travelers on a tight budget!

This lead to us becoming obsessed with some of the fast food around the city and making us want to sample more and more. We thought nothing could beat the Trio burger, but we stumbled across a burger restaurant that is on our Budapest must visit list and the best Budapest Burger.

So Where Can I find Budapest’s Best Burger?

Lucky burger 7 has a 4.5 star Google rating and is in the top recommended restaurants on trip advisor. This place does not only do the best burgers we have ever tasted but is flooded with returning customers.

You can find Lucky Burger 7 at Piarista u. 1. Just Click on the Blue Burger Below and you are ready to go👇

🍔Location:It’s located in the inner city, on route to a lot of the tourist attractions so a great pit stop. The menu is great because you are not overloaded with choices but they have a burger for every taste.

For those who love a classic burger you can’t go wrong with their Homemade cheeseburger. However, if you fancy trying something completely different the Duck or Hungarian burger may be more up your alley. There are also so many side options including onion rings, fries, pickled salad which really helps make this burger your own.

To have a look at their Menu, just Click Here

For a meal here you would pay around £15.00 which is a steal for a burger of this quality. We visited December around 8pm and it was busy but not crowded. As this restaurant is very popular you may want to plan your visit outside of peak times to make sure you can get a seat to try the best Budapest Burger. This is one place you really won’t want to miss out on!

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