The Ultimate Jordan Road Trip

The Ultimate Jordan Road Trip Guide 2022

Guide Summary: This guide gives you everything you need to plan your Ultimate Jordan Road Trip. It includes lots of useful information for your Jordan Road Trip such as driving in Jordan, Car Rentals, money saving tips and must visit Locations.

Jordan Essentials for Your Trip

Is it Safe to Drive in Jordan?

Driving around Jordan was not only very safe but pretty straight forward.

The great thing about the roads in Jordan is that the majority of road signs are in Arabic and English. This makes it so much less stressful when you are trying to navigate the roads on your Jordan Road Trip.

The Roads are in Good conditions too, especially on the High Ways (Just watch out for the Curious Camels!) so this instantly takes the stress away from damaging your rental car.

Highway Road In Jordan

When driving on your Jordan road trip you will find there are a lot of Police Check Points. For some this could make them feel uneasy but it’s so helpful.

Every time we were pulled over the Police were so friendly. They always gave us really amazing information like the nearest Petrol Station and places we should take a Detour to!

This will definitely add places on your Jordan Road Trip that you hadn’t even thought about.Amman is the only location across Jordan where the drive is stressful. This is simply because it’s like any other city, busy with lots of pedestrians.

👉If you follow these simple tips to relax when driving, Amman will be a breeze!

Top Attractions to Visit On a Jordan Road Trip

A Jordan Road Trip allows you to move across the Country and see everything!

If you split your time over a number of Destinations you will see so much more. This is how we split our time across Jordan, allowing us to make the most of the places we were visiting!

Jordan Road Trip 7 day guide

Top Places to Visit on a Jordan Road Trip that are included in the Jordan Pass

If you want to see a lot and save money, buying the Jordan Pass is a great way to visit a lot of places in under 14 days.

The pass which Wavers your Visa fee includes over 40 attractions to visit for Free (including Petra and Wadi Rum). Even if you don’t plan on buying the Jordan Pass, looking at the attractions included in it is a really good way to plan what you want to see.

These are the 5 best attractions we saw on our Jordan Road Trip that are included in the Jordan Pass.

Top 5 Attractions for Jordan Road Trip

Click Here for an honest review and everything you may need to know about the Jordan Pass

The Ultimate Jordan Road Trip Route

👆Just Click on the Map above to see the Must visit places to include in your Jordan Road Trip

The Jordan Road Trip Route Map

This map is the perfect route for any Jordan Route Trip, offering a Mixture of Relaxation and Adventure between each stop.

Just Click on the Map and you are ready to go!

The Jerash and Sand Castles Road Trip from Amman

You can Visit Jerash and The Sand Castles Easily from Amman. Here is the Map with the easiest route for the 1 day Road Trip from Amman.

Essential information for your Jordan Road trip

What you should know before visiting a Petrol Station in Jordan

When you go to a Petrol Station anywhere across Jordan on your road trip, you will never pump your own Petrol.

Simply drive up to a pump, tell the attendant how much you want and they will do the rest.

Every time we went to a petrol station on our Jordan Road Trip we paid the assistant at the pump so didn’t even need to leave the car.

Tip: Make sure you have some cash if you want to buy anything in the Petrol Station.

We needed some water desperately and the petrol station near the Dead Sea didn’t accept card (You could only pay for petrol with card Via the attendants outside)

Luckily we managed to pay for the petrol and water after the amazingly kind petrol assistant helped us.

What are the Speed Limits in Jordan?

🇯🇴Town and city: 50 km/h or 30 mph

🇯🇴Open Roads: 70 km/h or 40 mph

🇯🇴Motorways: 110 km/h or 70 mph

Planning Your Jordan Road Trip

Your Visa

Make sure you sort your Visa out on Arrival, it costs 40 JD (£40 or $56).

There are a few Countries that are exempt from Visas into Jordan, click here to see if your Country is exempt. One option which is popular for travelers is the Jordan Pass. The pass wavers the Visa Fee and includes many benefits.

Renting & Driving a Car in Jordan

Car Rental in Jordan

To rent a Car for your Jordan Road Trip you need to be at least 25 years old and held your license for the minimum of 1 year. Renting a Car in Jordan was incredibly easy. It’s recommended you do it in advance so you can arrive at the Airport and drive away.

Just a heads up, we found the process pretty slow and we were waiting around the Airport for about an hour for our rental car.

Follow these tips when going through the Car Rental Process in Jordan and beyond to make things easy-peasy:

👉 Film around the car when you do the vehicle check. This is the best way to show any damage on the car before you received it.

👉 If you spot any damage when receiving your car, make sure it is pointed out and the company makes a note of it.

👉 Take a Photo of car miles before you set up. This helps avoid any additional millage charges.

👉 Know your insurance options. Many people sort out their own car insurances before their trip because they know exactly what is covered and any additional costs.

These tips we apply on every single car rental, no matter how good the reviews are for the rental company. The reason is simply to give us reassurance that we are covered.

Car Rental Suggestions and Prices

Avis are a really good rental company that we have used many times across the globe.

This company was great in Jordan. The car they gave us was spotless, the documents were all in place and we had no issues at all (despite the wait). But if you want to explore more options before your Jordan Road Trip, online Comparison websites are the perfect way to help you plan.

The Average Car Rental Price based on a standard vehicle for 7 days is about £70/$99.

This may change based upon the time of year you go so the best option is to book in advance.

Places to stay on your Jordan Road Trip

There are so many wonderful places to stay across Jordan. But for visiting the Key attractions these are the best locations to stay at:

🐪Wadi Rum (There are lots of options here to explore Wadi Rum Reserve)

🏛️Amman (A really good base exploring the Capital, Jerash and The Sand Castles)

🇯🇴Wadi Musa (The Closest Town to Petra)

🐙Aqaba (The Perfect location for Scuba Diving and Relaxing at the Beach)

☀️Sowayma (An Amazing Base For The Dead Sea and The Baptist Site)

Keep reading for the best places to stay in these areas and not to miss spots ⬇️

Recommendations for Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Jordan Road Trip PostCard

There are lots of places to stay in Wadi Rum but they are all camps. Each camp offers something slightly different from luxury to family friendly. If there is one place that you need to visit on your Jordan Road Trip, it’s Wadi Rum

So before your Wadi Rum trip it’s a really good idea to have a look at the different camps and what experiences they offer on

This link to will take you directly to the best places you can stay in Wadi Rum!

We picked the Bedouin Life Style Camp because it included food, a private room under the stars and lots of activities for a decent price. You could also add these actives on as you went so didn’t have to book them all in advance.

There was also a car park at their HQ site and we were taken into the camp by 4X4 ,so We didn’t need to worry about our rental car.

Wadi Rum is one of the top places to visit in Jordan so make sure you stop here on your Jordan Road Trip!

Tip: If you get a chance make sure you check out the train in the desert (Hejaz Railway Train of Wadi Rum). It’s a totally unique experience that is worth checking out!

Hejaz Railway Train of Wadi Rum
Hejaz Railway Train of Wadi Rum

Recommendations for Amman

Amman Jordan Road Trip Postcard

This is the perfect place to start your Jordan Road Trip. Amman offers so many things to do for the Urban Explorer. Amman Citadel is an amazing site to visit and offers the best landscape views over Amman (Perfect for a Photo or two!).

Click Here to see a Video of this view, it’s just unlike any other!

This site is also included in the Jordan Pass and includes Major buildings like the Temple of Hercules and The Jordan Archeological Museum.

Must Visit: Rainbow Street. This street is near downtown Amman and is full of bars and restaurants.

This place was full of locals and Tourists and such a lovely place to stroll and grab a bite to eat. They also have the best Falafel ever!

Al Quds Falafel is a takeaway Falafel shop which is just so incredible!

This spot is always busy and offers cheap, fresh food & fast service. If you want a taste of the Middle East, this is the spot for you! You will find Al Quds at Rainbow St. 41, Amman, Jordan.

Al Quds Falafel Rainbow Street
Al Quds Falafel Rainbow Street

When I travel I never go to places that I can go in the UK. However (and I would NEVER usually recommend this) but you need to try the Mcdonald’s here, it was the best one we have ever had and super cheap!

Where to Stay:You won’t struggle to find a place to stay in Amman! There are so many options so pick the one that’s best for you.

We always go for a good location to the city center and somewhere with good parking! We absolutely loved the place we stayed in Amman, The Sahara Gulf Hotel. It was brand new, cheap and felt like pure luxury. We stayed in an apartment at this hotel which had a TV where you could access Netflix and other streaming services. It also had a kitchen so we could make food when we wanted keep costs low.

Recommendations for Wadi Musa

Wadi Musa Jordan road trip postcard

The main reason for a visit this location on your Jordan Road Trip is for Petra. We didn’t feel like there is a lot to do here but is the perfect base for an Early start at Petra.

Tip: Try and visit Petra as early as you can. We started our visit at 5:30 AM and was pretty quiet .Going early also means you can avoid the High Temperatures and was ideal for getting some amazing pictures. Petra gets incredibly busy at around 11AM so try and avoid this time.

Where to Stay: We stayed at the Sunset Hotel for our visit. It was only a 3 minute walk from Petra so the Perfect Location.

We found are stay great because it was clean, amazing value for money and the staff were great!

Not to Miss Spot: The Cave Bar, Petra is not the oldest bar in the world but it in one of the oldest locations dating back to 14AD. It’s the most incredible setting to have food and drink, creating the most unforgettable experience.

The cave bar, Jordan

A visit here isn’t super cheap, a wine costs about £7. But as it’s a Muslim Country, Alcohol is fairly expensive all across Jordan. So if you are going to splash out for a Wine and Pizza, here is where to do it!

Meal at Cave Bar, Petra

Photographs will never do Petra justice so make sure you stop here on your Jordan Road Trip!

Recommendations for Aqaba

Aqaba Jordan Road Trip Postcard

Aqaba is a Port City on the Red Sea’s Gulf and the perfect location to Relax on a Jordan Road Trip. This destination is extremely popular for Scuba Diving and for Beach Lovers. And if you love a good sunset, this is the place for you!

Where to Stay: There are lots of new hotels around here leaving travelers with plenty of options.

We loved the Beau Rivage Resort which had its own pool & private beach. It also offered an evening meal for 10 JD PP which was perfect for those on a budget and it’s really good quality!

The Center is also a must visit! Not only were the locals super friendly and wanting to chat but there are so many amazing places to eat and drink!

If you are a fan of Coronation Street, make sure you stop at the Rovers Return for a cheeky pint!

Add Aqaba to your Jordan Road Trip itinerary so you can kick back and relax in the most amazing Beach Location.

Recommendations for Sowayma

Sowayma is the ideal location to stay on a Jordan Road Trip if you want to take a dip into the Dead Sea.

Sowayma Jordan road trip postcard

There are lots of Hotels around here but make sure you book these in advance because they do tend to fill up pretty quickly!

We stayed at the Ramada Resort Dead Sea which felt like pure luxury. This hotel had a pool with a swim up bar and it’s own private Beach. The private beach was amazing because it was really quiet and had a mud pool to use before going into the sea.

A Dip in the Dead Sea is something everyone needs to try! Make sure you make a pit stop here on your Jordan Road Trip!

Tip: The Jordan River and Baptism site is not far from here so make sure you add it to your list! for Directions just click on our ready to use maps.

Jordan Road Trip Frequently Asked Questions

How Many days do you need to visit Jordan?

This really does depend on the speed you want to explore and exactly what you want to see.

However, a 7 day road trip across Jordan is plenty of time to visit a lot of the attractions and have a few days relaxing at the beach too.

The best thing about doing a Jordan Road Trip is that you can see a lot of attractions in one day. Whereas if you were to go to a Tour company, you may spend a whole day just seeing one thing.

Whats the Best time of year to visit Jordan?

The best time to visit Jordan is during the Spring Season (March-June).

During this period there is usually less tourists and the days are warm.

May is a great time to visit because it is an off-peak travel period, so there is a lot less tourists. Also the weather is warm but it’s not too hot to be walking around Petra and other attractions.

If the Question “What Do I need to Wear In Jordan?” when planning your trip has crossed your mind, Check out this Guide!

Is Jordan Expensive?

There is lots of information out there saying Jordan is super expensive and can’t be done on a budget. This simply isn’t true.

The costs do add up if you don’t shop around and just go for the first hotel or experience day you see.

Also Jordan is a place of dreams and offers once in a life time experiences so if you do EVERYTHING you can possibly do, costs add up.

But that’s no difference to any other destination, right? So here are a few things you can do to keep costs down on your Jordan Road Trip:

🇯🇴Jordan pass or visa 

The visa to enter Jordan is 40 JD per person. But did you know you can buy a Pass that includes the Visa cost and free access to over 40 sites including Petra?

The Jordan pass is amazing and a must have for exploring Jordan.

Here are the different Jordan Pass Options and their Prices.

The Jordan Passes and prices

However it’s worth figuring out if the places you want to visit on your Jordan Road Trip are actually including in the pass.

If they aren’t you can end up paying for a lot of extras. Click here to find out everything about the Jordan pass and if it’s the right option for your trip. 

🏜Wadi rum, you don’t need a luxury pod to experience the desert 

There are so many places to stay around Wadi Rum. Many of the options are luxury glamping pods.

They do look amazing but you will be more likely to pay for the same experiences as any other site in Wadi Rum.

When we were looking for places to stay in Wadi Rum we noticed they all offered nearly identical experiences, the only difference was the price. So if this is somewhere you want to visit on your Jordan Road Trip, do your research before.

🐪Picking what experiences you do 

There are so many things to do in Jordan, especially in Wadi Rum.

And if you want to live your Lawrence of Arabia fantasy it’s so easy to get carried away.

Many Other Roads at Wadi Rum

I loved the idea of ridding camels across the desert but some places were charging £80 each for this!

These prices were eye watering to us as across the Middle East we had never seen them this high.

So we opted for a full day guided tour in 4×4’s, which was half the price and you saw so much more. If you too want to do your Jordan Road Trip on a budget, do a little research before your trip.

🏨Use to find cheapest locations to stay.

This will save you so much Money! Click here to find out how you can save more money booking your trip and at your destination.

Tip:If you leave picking your accommodation last minute you may find options limited, so you will end up paying the high price tag. Last minute booking wasn’t an issue in Amman but near attractions such as the Dead Sea and Petra, options are fairly limited anyway. So if you leave booking your room last minute on your Jordan Road Trip , your only options will be the deluxe rooms which are always more expensive.

🇯🇴 Jordan Road Trip Sign off: Jordan is the most magical destination with so many things to see and do. Use this Guide & downloadable Maps so you can explore Jordan on the Ultimate Road Trip.

If you need anymore information for your Jordan Trip drop us a line at or find us on Social! All our advice is free and we love hearing from you

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