Qasr Amra Sand Castle in East Jordan

Is The Jordan Pass Worth Buying? Everything you need to know about buying Your Pass

Is the Jordan Pass Worth Buying?…YES, YES, YES! Normally we would say most Passes aren’t the best value for money but the Jordan pass is a Must! However we know a City or Country pass is not for everyone. So we created this guide explaining EVERYTHING about the Jordan Pass so you can decide for yourself!

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Why we Loved the Jordan Pass

We think the Jordan Pass is Totally worth Buying! It not only includes your visa cost but access to over 40 tourist attractions . These Include the Must visit Jordan Attractions Petra and Wadi Rum.

When we visited in 2019 we calculated that it was a lot cheaper to buy the pass than buy our tickets and visas separately. This saving alone made Jordan Pass Worth Buying. There are 3 different Jordan pass levels:

Jordan Wanderer (£70/$99), Jordan Explorer (£75/$106) & Jordan Expert (£80/$113).

Their main difference is the number of times you can visit Petra. Petra is what draws most people to Jordan and is at the top of everyone’s must see list. A single cost to Petra was around £50 per person (2021) so for this alone the Jordan pass is worth buying.

Flag Flying over Amman City Jordan

Also you can apply for the Jordan pass online. So you are ready to go as soon as you land In Jordan. We are very unorganized so bought ours a few days before with no problems!

As the pass is electronic, every single tourist attraction ticket is on your phone. All you have to do is show the QR code. This not only means beating the ques at busy sites but not have to carry loads of printed paper tickets around with you. The ease of having all your tickets on your device totally makes the Jordan Pass Worth Buying!

The Jordan Pass has a QR code that makes it even easier to use

The Jordan pass also comes with a digital guide that shows you what tourist attractions the pass covers. You can Find all the places that are included on the pass at Most passes around the globe aren’t great value for money and have a few catches.

A Common issue in most passes is only including one or two of the main attractions. However, the Jordan pass is the best one we have ever bought! We were so surprised that it included pretty much everything we wanted to see. Including all the main attractions in the pass makes the Jordan Pass Worth Buying for everyone!

 Wadi Rum is an amazing site to visit in Jordan and is made so much easier to visit thanks to the Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass was perfect for us. If you are there for up to 14 days and want to see as much as possible, the Jordan Pass is Worth Buying. But before you rush to buy yours before your trip, there are a few things that you should consider:

The Jordan Pass options & Prices

The Jordan Passes and prices

Tip:It is easy to explore Petra in 1 day so if you want to save some money, get the Jordan Wanderer pass. Also remember that none of the passes include Petra at Night so this will have to be bought separately.

What attractions are included in the Jordan Passes?

Top 5 Attractions for Jordan Road Trip

These were the best attractions we visited with the Jordan wanderer Pass. But there are so many others included, for more information on the included attractions click here. Remember that every Jordan Pass comes with a Free Digital guide to download to your device too!

The amount of sites you can see with the pass definitely makes the Jordan Pass Worth Buying. The BEST way to explore these attractions is by Road Trip, Click Here to see how.

You can see so many amazing things in Jordan using the Jordan Pass

👆 Make sure you visit the Train in the Desert at Wadi Rum

What to Consider before buying the Jordan Pass?

🇯🇴 How the Jordan Pass Works if you Planing on Visiting Petra Multiple Times

1. If you want to visit Petra more than 3 times (most expensive pass) then the Jordan Pass may not be worth buying or suit you. We spent a whole day visiting Petra and we felt it was the perfect amount of time to see everything. If you are only wanting to visit Petra at night, unfortunately this isn’t included in the Pass so you would have to pay for this separately .

🇯🇴 How long are you Visiting Jordan for?

2. The Jordan Pass wavers the Visa Fee of 40 JD. As this pass includes an eVISA , you need your own individual pass. We spent a week driving through Jordan, but the pass is only valid for 14 days from your first attraction. So if you are there for a bit longer, this may not be the best option for you.

The Visa is valid for 14 days with the Jordan Pass. If you are speedy travelers like us and want to see everything Jordan has to offer, the Jordan Pass Worth Buying

🇯🇴 Does the Pass Include the sites I want to see?

3. It is worth checking if most places you want to see are included in your pass. From Climbing the stairs to see the Petra’s Treasury from above (Image Below) to the amazing castles, everyone has their heart set on seeing something specific in Jordan.

One Activity that is popular but is not included in the Jordan Pass is Petra at Night. So if you want to do this it would be a separate charge.For us everything we wanted to see was included in the Jordan Wanderer Package (70 JD) which is the cheapest pass option. So if you are like us and want to see a bit of everything Jordan has to offer, The Jordan pass is worth buying.

However, if most of the sites you want to see are not included (you can see what is included on the Jordan Pass Website) then it may not be the most budget friendly option.

steps to Petra from aboveJordan
The Steps to see Petra from above. Climbing this wasn’t the easiest task in Flip Flops.

👉🏼 The Baptismal site of Jesus Christ was one of our favorite places we visited in Jordan and would recommend it to everyone. The site is an Archaeological world heritage site on the East Bank of the Jordan River.There is so much to see here asides from the famous river and the guides really do know their stuff! When we visited in 2019 we paid to visit but now it can be added to the Jordan Pass for a small fee so make sure you do it!

How to Buy The Jordan Pass

The Jordan pass is worth buying because the process is Hassle-Free from start to finish! To Purchase the Pass Click here simply go to the Jordan Pass Site and click ‘Get it now’

The Jordan Pass Process

Just Simply enter the prompted Information and you will receive your Jordan pass, digital guide and eVISA. It will say the process will take a few days but we received ours within 24 hours. The process was so easy and stress free which made the Jordan pass so worth buying.

This is the information you will need to fill in when purchasing your pass:

👉 Personal Information

👉 Your Passport Details

👉 Jordan Pass options & Payment Details

We have heard a few people say how they were charged twice for their Jordan Pass because they thought the process had failed so refreshed their page.So try not to refresh your page and allow the Jordan Pass page a bit of time to do it’s thing.

Other Useful Information

Can I visit the same attraction twice with my Jordan Pass?
The Jordan Pass only allows single entry to each attraction. Repeat entry is not allowed unless for Petra with the if Jordan Explorer and Jordan Expert Passes.

Do children under 12 years need to purchase a separate pass beside the visa?
Children under 12 years can enter the touristic sites for free when accompanied by their parents.

Can anyone buy the pass? Not all Nationalities can purchase the Pass, Click Here to see if it is available for you

Can I upgrade or downgrade the pass? Unfortunately you can not upgrade or downgrade the pass

When will my Jordan Pass Expire?
The Jordan Pass is valid within 12 months from Purchase. Remember as well It will automatically expire after 2 weeks after your first use of the pass.

How Do Things Work at the Airport? Just show your Printed or Mobile Tickets upon Arrival

How Do I get a Refund?
The only way currently to get a refund is to email the Tourist Board at

Jordan Pass Worth Buying Sign Off: The Jordan Pass is so worth buying for anyone exploring Jordan. But if you want to get the most value for money, have an idea of where you want to see first. However if you want to visit Petra, the Jordan Pass is worth buying just for that visit!

Use this guide and you too will think the Jordan Pass was worth buying for your Jordan Trip.

Thinking about Visiting Jordan soon? Why not look at our check List of what to wear once you are there!

🐪 If you need any advice or more Information about Jordan, Hit us up @Many_Other-Roads or We Love Hearing from you!

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