Snowdonia Road Trip

What Not To Miss On A Snowdonia Road Trip: Guide And Itinerary 2022

Home to Wales’ tallest Mountain and over 100 lakes. This area of Northwest Wales is full of Historic Landscapes, glacial land forms and vibrant Welsh Culture. Use this guide and itinerary to plan and explore Yr Wyddfa (Snowdonia) like the Welsh do on the Ultimate Snowdonia road trip.

the drive on a snowdonia road trip will have you constantly reaching for your camera

The Best Snowdonia Travel Guide

To Inspire and help plan your Snowdonia Road Trip, the Rough Guide Staycations Snowdonia and North Wales is the ultimate travel guide for your Adventure.

And If you want to try and learn some Welsh Before your trip…It’s not necessary but will help!

How long does it take to drive around Snowdonia?

You will be glad to know the areas in North Wales are very close together and well connected. To drive around Snowdonia it takes around 1.5-2 hours. However you will want to make lots of stops on your Snowdonia road trip so it may take a bit longer.

you can do a snowdonia road trip in a few hours but you will want to stop a lot on the way round

How many days do you need for a Snowdonia road trip?

This completely depends on how much you want to see and how fast you want to see it.

You can easily do a Snowdonia road trip in 2-3 days and see everything.

you can easily explore snowdonia on an amazing road trip in 2-3 days

(If you are planning on climbing any of the Mountains you may want to set a few hours aside to rest)

Snowdonia driving route with map

Seeing a lot of Snowdonia’s top sites in a short amount of time is easy because they are pretty close together. This map shows a popular and incredibly scenic driving route for a Snowdonia road trip

Starting a Snowdonia road trip from London is a popular option. The quickest route is via M40 and A5 and takes 5 hours. However this is usually the quickest route only by a few minutes. If you want to see more of Wales, try traveling by the M4 through South Wales.

➡️ Click here for the ultimate guide of the best things to see and do in South Wales

The best views in Snowdonia by car

there are so many amazing views you can see by car on a snowdonia road trip

Snowdonia and Wales as a whole are full of incredible views you can see from the comfort of your own car. To see the most amazing views on your Snowdonia Road Trip, drive the Llanberis Pass/Pen y Pass.

What’s the highest point you can drive to in Snowdonia? Good Question! if you are looking for a road where you can capture great photos and views on your Snowdonia Road Trip, try Bwlch y Groes. This road is also great if you are planning on walking/getting the train up Snowdonia.

Our Top Snowdonia Stops

  1. Snowdon
  2. Cadair Idris
  3. Cregennan Lakes
  4. Llyn Padarn
  5. Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tea Rooms
  6. Conwy
  7. Coed Abergwynant


Whats a Snowdonia road trip without seeing Wales’ tallest Mountain?

To locals Snowdon is known as Yr Wyddfa, which translates to grave. This name originates from Welsh Tales as it is believed that the giant Rhita Gawr was buried on this mountain.

➡️ If you want to Scale Snowdon with a knowledgable Mountain Guide, I highly recommend this tour: Hike to the Summit

Snowdon Pyg trail offers some of the best views around snowdonia

Snowdon has the luxury of the train service so you don’t have to even walk. However this makes this site incredibly busy so if you want to take a dog who is nervous or want to hike in peace, you may want to set off early.

If you are planning on getting the train up Snowdon here are a few things to take into account before paying for your ticket:

➡️ You only get 30 minutes to stop off and must return on the same train you went up on.

➡️ It’s definitely not cheap, with tickets starting from £16 per Child and £26 per adult.

Snowdon is somewhere you should see on a Snowdonia road trip, even if it’s just from the bottom. The views when walking the Yr Wyddfa summit are a challenge worth taking if you are up for it!

Cadair Idris

If you still have your walking boots on and fancy seeing the most amazing sun rise (with so many less people), visit Cadair Idris.

Cadair idris offers the best sunrise views in wales, make sure you visit on a snowdonia road trip

Whoever sleeps a night on Cadair Idris will awake either inspired, a poet, a madman or dead. This popular Welsh tale will make total sense once you get to the summit of Cadair Idris.

Cadair Idris in Snowdonia national park is a must visit when in north wales or on a snowdonia road trip

To Walk Wales’ Second highest mountain it will take 5/6 hours (up and down). Wear some sturdy shoes as even though there are steps a lot of the way, some of the path has uneven stones.

The Pony Path is a great path to take and has parking close which costs £4-£6, depending on how long you plan to be.

Cadair Idris should be on every Snowdonia road trip itinerary without fail. This more wild and less untouched Mountain will give you a taste of Wales like no other.

Cregennan Lakes

Snowdonia has loads of Lakes, so the options are endless. Add Cregennan Lakes to your Snowdonia Road Trip Itinery and you’ll see why it’s a must visit!

cregennan lakes are the most scenic lakes in Snowdonia and one of the best walks in the area for all

Here you will find 2 of the most amazing lakes which you can stroll around or climb up high to see the most amazing views. There is also a Car Park here with plenty of spaces so you will not struggle to park (yay!)

cregennan lakes in snowdonia national park are one of the best things to do on a road trip in snowdonia

The Lakes are only 5 miles from Dolgellau so are a great pit stop if you are in the area. Even though you can easily pull up for 5 minutes and admire the view, I highly recommend stopping here for an hour or so on your Snowdonia road trip.

Llyn Padarn

Home to the Insta Famous Lone Tree, Llyn Padarn is the ideal place to stretch your legs and explore on a Snowdonia Road Trip.

the Lone tree which is insta famous is in one of the most amazing lakes in North Wales

Parking here is great as there are so many options. It is one of the few lakes in the area where you can swim, paddle board and explore so if it’s not too cold, take a dip!

Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tea Rooms

Even though this Tea Room is just outside of Snowdonia National Park, it’s somewhere that can’t be missed if you are exploring Snowdonia on a road trip.

Llanrwst is a small village which is a 9 minute drive from Snowdonia National Park. This tea room not only does the most amazing food which you can eat in or takeaway, but the building changes with the seasons!

Tu Hwnt I'r Bont Tea Rooms are somewhere you need to take a detour to on your snowdonia road trip

This is because the 1480’s Tea Room is covered in leaves that change colour throughout the Welsh Seasons.

This place does the best scones and is the most amazing tea room you will visit in Wales. Llanwrst has some amazing walks and is a great little place to explore. So for something totally unique, add here to your Snowdonia road trip itinerary.

Llanwrst bridge is something that makes llanwrst so unique


If you are looking to see a town that is totally unique on your Snowdonia Road Trip, then add Conwy to your itinerary. You will never see a town like this.

Conwy is one of the most impressive towns in Europe. Not only can you see the Misty Mountains of Snowdonia in the Distance but the town in engulfed by a medieval Castle.

Conwy Castle is in the heart of the town and is a must see when visiting Snowdonia

Conwy town has plenty of places to shop and eat so is a great place to visit. However if you don’t have time on your Snowdonia Road Trip itinerary to stop here, simply drive through the town. The main road goes under the castle and is pretty impressive!

Coed Abergwynant

On your Snowdonia road trip you will notice so many signs for Woodland walks. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide. so let us point you in direction of Coed Abergwynant, it is one of the best!

The ancient Abergwynant Woods links Dolgellau and Barmouth. Exploring here on foot is a great way to unwind and see rural Snowdonia.

Coed Abergwynant is full of ancient trees and a great stop off place in snowdonia

The best part of this walk are the incredible views you can see of Mawddach estuary. There is a long, flat path that goes along the estuary but for the best views, follow the signs to the picnic area.

Mawddach estuary  is one of the best places to visit on a snowdonia road trip

Snowdonia Road Trip sign off 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿: Snowdonia is one of the best Welsh adventures you can do. So use this road trip plan and itinerary to start planning the ultimate Snowdonia Road Trip.

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