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Iceland Tips:How to cheap it at the 9th most expensive country in the world

Iceland will always be a dream location. With its fierce geysers, dramatic waterfalls and captivating skylines, its impossible to close your eyes for once second.

However, one thing we always hear is “I would love to Visit Iceland but It’s just too Expensive!”.

This was our one worry when we landed at Reykjavik Airport, after spending a few days in Riga during 2018. Along the way we found a few Iceland tips, tricks and hacks which meant we could fall in love with Iceland without breaking the bank.

Here are just a few simple (but best) Iceland tips to save Money in the 9th most expensive Country on Earth.

Rent a Car and Just Drive!

Renting a car in Iceland is an easy Iceland Tip to save you so much money
Driving Towards Geyser on Iceland Road trip

Iceland will be the best road trip you ever experience. Not only can the main link road take you all around the Island, but the views are just unforgettable.

Renting a car here is one of the best Iceland tips. Not only does it save serious dollar because you can drive to anywhere and you want, there is no need to pay a tour company.

Since our trip people have told us how much they had paid to do the Golden Compass tour. Not only did we find out that we saved over £100 per person from renting a car, but got to see extra sites too.

Iceland Road
Road Trip in Iceland on the main link road

So if you want to save a fortune when exploring on your trip, Renting a car is one of the most effective Iceland tips.

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Take a Picnic to Keep Costs Low

We are the first people to Download restaurant PDF Menus when we are on a trip or in fact anywhere!

Food will always be a highlight of peoples travels but when in Iceland, make your own food as much as possible. This is one of the Iceland tips that easy to do and will save you a shocking amount!

Picnic basket with wine

We arrived at our Air B&B at around 9 PM so thought we would take it easy and order a takeaway. Our hosts had Kindly left a few menus for us to look at. As we started flicking through an Indian menu my eyes must have left my head when it was £27.00 for a single curry.

As much as I wanted a chicken Korma, I wanted to go the the Blue Lagoon more.

So we drove to a local supermarket and bought everything we needed to make picnics over the next few days and the money we saved was soooo worth it. With so many Iceland tips out there, this is the one which will save you the most money.

This is one of the best Iceland tips out there for anyone on a budget!

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Find Your Own Geo Thermal Gem

Do you Want to soak and experience the natural Geo Thermal Water Iceland has?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?!

But the Blue Lagoon is not the only place you can do this in Iceland. The blue Lagoon is truly a unique experience but it’s not cheapest if you are on a budget. With the price of your entry ticket then if you want a drink (Roughly £7 per drink), it all adds up.

So whats the best Iceland tips for avoiding these Blue Lagoon Costs?

visit the free thermal pools across iceland

Hit the road and explore Iceland’s other Geo Thermal spots for free! This is one of the Best Iceland tips for saving money and exploring how beautiful Iceland is.

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Visit Iceland at it’s cheapest

If you want to save even more money before even arriving in Iceland, book your flights outside of Peak Seasons. This is one of the quickest Iceland tips to save you money!

visiting Iceland off peak season will save you so much money before you even arrive

Use SkyScanner to explore the Cheapest flights from your local airport throughout the year.

Flight Comparison sites are one of the key Iceland tips that can save you hundreds!

🇮🇸 Iceland tips sign off: Iceland is a magical destination you will struggle not to love. However it can leave you without much money after your trip. Use these Iceland tips to make sure you save as much money as you can.

Need more tips on how to do Iceland the best way? Drop us a line at or @Many_Other_Roads.

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