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A Travelers guide on how to cure your Travel Sickness 2021

Who would have thought someone who travels so much would suffer from awful Travel /Motion Sickness? But it’s true, just the smell of an air fresher in a taxi can sometimes set me off. Over the years I have tried so many things that unfortunately didn’t work for me at all. This is the ultimate Guide will show you everything you can do to help cure your Travel Sickness.

What is Travel Sickness

Travel Sickness or motion sickness is the feeling of feeling Dizzy, Light headed or even sick from constant movement. This happens because of the inner ear sending different signals to your brain from those your eyes are seeing. The confusing messages your body is receiving is what makes you feel unwell.

My Own Experience

From a young age I always struggled to travel without feeling ill. No matter the method of transport, by the end of my journey I would just need to go to bed.

Simple things would trigger it as well, from someone wearing perfume to the driver going around country roads too fast.

I love traveling so much I didn’t let it stop me.

Even though It has left me feeling ill for days, I kept going. There was a point where I realized I needed to find a Cure.

It was when I was traveling home from University in Aberystwyth to my Hometown in South Wales, UK. There is no direct rail service unless you want to extend your journey through England, so that was off the cards. This left me with Driving or getting the bus. I couldn’t drive at the time so my only option was bus.

This journey involved traveling down winding, bumpy country roads for over 3 hours. By the time I would get to a main road near Camarthen my face would be grey.

I couldn’t cope with feeling this ill every time I traveled back home, so I decided to try everything and anything I could. It has taken me years to find out how to avoid and cope with my travel sickness so that is why I have put this guide together. Fingers crossed these tips and tricks can help anyone who gets Travel Sickness too!

The Best Things that work for preventing travel sickness

Depending on how I am traveling there are certain things I make sure I do/ have to make my journey as pleasant as possible. It is also really important that I avoid certain things as I feel that they can bring on my Travel Sickness. Here is a list of things that are really good at preventing travel sickness on your Journey.

Where You sit is Key:

I feel I get travel sickness really badly traveling by car or bus. But whatever your transport, make sure you pick the right seat for you.

bus seats

As the signals in your body are getting confused, you want to limit that as much as possible.

I find that being able to see where I am traveling straight ahead of me helps. This means sitting in the front seat of a car or bus.

If you get sea sick, grabbing a seat outside will help as you will be able to see the horizon. Also if you are traveling by train, make sure your seat is front facing and you are not traveling backwards. If this isn’t possible try and find the seat where the least amount of motion is felt.

Try and avoid window seats on buses and seats where they are over the wheels. These seats I feel almost vibrate and make my travel sickness kick in pretty quickly.

Never Travel on an empty Stomach:

I am not a huge breakfast eater so would often travel on an empty stomach. Making sure you have food in your system is such an easy way to help avoid travel sickness.

Carbs have been my savior so many times when traveling. I make sure I eat something before going on a journey now and pack extras just in case.

Food is such a simple way to stop your sickness when it kicks in. So now every time I travel I always have a chicken sandwich, Ready salted crisps and a bottle of ginger beer packed (this is a non alcoholic fizzy drink) . Ginger is amazing at combating nausea so give it a try!

Avoid Alcohol:

I’m a wine lover so I find this hard to write, but don’t drink alcohol the night before your journey.

Last thing you want is to combine a hangover with travel sickness. Also don’t drink Alcohol until your traveling is complete for that day. There have been a few times where our journey has almost been over so I have had a wine with lunch at a restaurant, don’t do it, it’ s not worth it.


Lose the Perfume for the Day:

I find strong perfumes or fragrances can turn my stomach before we have even started moving. So make sure you aren’t wearing anything to strong.

A few times I have got into a taxi or a bus and the air freshener they have used has made my travel sickness kick in.

If this happens you can either try and open a window so the scent isn’t as strong or make your own scent guard.

Take a scarf with you and spray it with some lavender oil. If there is a strong fragrance you can’t avoid, put this below your nose. This has saved me so many times!

Avoid Reading:

Reading is one thing I can never do when traveling. No matter the type of transport it makes me feel incredibly sick.

Many people think just not to pick up a book. However, scrolling through social media or texting can set in travel sickness. So avoid reading anything and keep your eyes on the road.

book stack

What to do when you start to feel Travel/Motion Sick

As prepared as you can be in doing everything to avoid travel sickness, some times it kicks in anyway. Over the years I have figured out a few really easy things to help me when it kicks in.

Grab a Snack and a Drink:

This is the first thing I do when I can feel travel sickness approaching. The task of eating not only offers me a distraction but settles my stomach almost instantly.

The best food for this I always find is something savory and not highly flavored. Grabbing a drink of water may help a lot of people. Yet it never helps me as much as ginger beer or something fizzy like Coca-Cola does. So I always make sure I pack a fizzy drink because it is always instant relief from travel sickness.

Try and Sleep:

I can never sleep on transport so this may not be the best tip if you are like me. But when I manage to close my eyes and fall asleep for a few minutes, all my travel sickness feelings have gone. This method is so easy I wish I could do it all the time.

Headphones and Essential oils:

For me this is the perfect combo. I find it so relaxing and a welcomed distraction from feeling travel sick.

If you are feeling well enough I find a film helps me switch off from feeling sickness. But in them cases where I can’t look at a screen, a bit of light music distracts me so well.

Recently I have found that adding essential oils to my wrists and behind my ears helps my body relax. Essential oils are perfect for on the road as they are so small but can be used for multiple things, not just curing travel sickness.

essential oils

Take a break:

Even if you can only stop and grab fresh air for 5 minutes, do it. This bit of fresh air will help your body get back into its natural rhythm and stop you feeling sick.

However this isn’t always possible, especially with public transport. So try moving seats or stretching your legs, this can sometimes be the thing your body needs.

Top Products that help combat Travel/Motion Sickness

There are so many products on the market from travel tablets to bands that promise that they will stop you feeling travel sick. I have must have tried every product available to try and stop my travel sickness. These are the products I have tried and felt worked for me.

Lavender Calm Balm

This is one of the cheapest products available that works so well for travel sickness.

This product is proven to help calm and de-stress. I adore the one I have, it comes in a little travel tin and all you have to do is apply the balm to your wrists and temples whenever you need it.

It’s also 100% natural which is something I love as it is gentle on my skin. if i am feeling incredibly travel sick I will apply it to my temples and wrists every half an hour.

However, I find it works so quickly most of the time, I only apply a small amount to my wrists.

As a traveler I love this product because it not only helps combat my travel sickness but I use it whenever things don’t go to plan and I get slightly Stressy.

Click on the tin below to get your own travel sickness saving calm balm👇

Prescribed Travel Sickness Tablets

These travel sickness tablets you have to go to a Doctor for so will not be available over the counter in a shop. I felt they worked But, and there is a bit but, I had the worst side effects.

I took these tablets when I was planning on traveling from Albania to Montenegro so it was over a 6 hour journey.

About 2 hours after taking the tablets my legs started getting the worst cramps I have ever experienced. An hour after this I was experiencing spasms in my whole body and I couldn’t control my movements.

This was honestly so scary and has stopped me taking them ever again.

It was a warned side effect on the box so if you are thinking of trying them, read the box very carefully.

Essential Oils/Sprays

I think they are not only an essential for travel sickness but traveling overall. It is such an easy method to completely relax your body and there are so many types. To relax I generally go for lavender products as when I’m feeling sick, I’m desperate for my body to relax.

You can also buy sprays that are used to encourage a better sleep. I love these as they are pretty powerful and instantly help me to relax.

This has saved me so many times so click on the image below to get yours. This set is amazing because it covers all your traveling needs!

Products that don’t help with Travel/Motion Sickness

If you Google products to help with travel sickness, so many will come up. I was desperate at one point for my travel sickness to stop so tried everything. Here are a few products I wouldn’t recommend spending a fortune on because they simply didn’t work.

Travel Sickness Tablets

The travel sickness tablets I tried are any you could purchase without a doctors prescription. You can find these in supermarkets or shops like Boots and Superdrug.

I have tried various types and honestly didn’t think they helped at all. If you suffer with very mild travel sickness they may be worth a go. However, if you suffer a lot with travel sickness, I wouldn’t bother.

Travel Bands

I have seen these products advertised all over the place when I was trying to find a cure for my own travel sickness.

They are bands that you put on your wrists to put pressure on your P6 spot. The aim of this is to stop the ‘I’m feeling sick’ Messages in your body.

Some people have found these work but only combined with anti-sickness tablets. I personally tried them a few times and didn’t feel my travel sickness stop.

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